Munchausen in the Workplace

At first, I thought this article about Munchausen at work was a joke, but as I continued to read, it occurred to me that these people are serious. And by ‘these people, I mean GQ/Style, not the people who make up problems to solve them, though, I suppose they are serious, too.

If the 18th-century German cavalry officer Baron Karl Friedrich Hieronymus von Munchausen were around today, he’d probably be in a white-collar firm somewhere faking problems so that he could fix them—and he’d have plenty of company…First identified in 2007 by Nathan Bennett, a business-school professor at Georgia Tech, Munchausen at work leads employees to cook up phony office dramas that they themselves can solve to become heroes.

I actually think that this isn’t something people are doing. People are usually able to solve problems they create, but not because they’re creating the problems on purpose. Maybe I’m not giving people enough credit?

(Via my friend Ben in the picture)

Munchausen in the Workplace

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