24 Season 7 Episode 3 10am-11am and Episode 4 11am-12am Live Blog

OK, 2nd night of the 4 hour premier event. I like the way they launch this program. Better than making us wait a week to get the fix. So far, I’m not hating ’24’ the way I have the last 5 seasons, which is nice.

We’ve written A LOT about ’24’ over the last 3 years. Check it all out for the most recent episode posts and the oldies as well.

-Those were some long ass scenes from last week, er… yesterday.
-They made the connection pretty quickly between Tony and Juma, didn’t they?
-Wait a second, The SecState is saying “We may have figured this out” and the way they figured it out was by…listening to the tape that was released.
-Larry Moss is PISSED. “This is PRIVATE.” Getting snippy, huh…
-“There’s no one I trust more.” That’s a damning indictment, isn’t it?
-This is a really slow opening and I’ve almost certainly missed a timestamp. My bad.
-Garafolo seems like the anti-Chloe, doesn’t she?
-Jack Bauer’s first question is the one that’s on the mind of everyone. We ALL want to know how Tony didn’t die.
-What time is it on ’24’ right now? I have no idea.
-Terry, Kim, Audrey… Tony just played Jack Bauer.
-“You will STAY DEAD next time.”
-“Deep spying”. Everyone who assumed that Tony was deep cover was… wait, Deep spying of deep sky.
-Well, I can’t remember who Bill is. An old boss, hasn’t he been bad and good? And probably dead?
-I’m feeling like I’m not holding up my end of the bargain right now.
-At some time, we’re going to make sure ’24’ lets us know what you call the President’s husband. First Man? First Gentleman?
-How bogus are these charges against the President’s son?
-Or maybe we’re going to find out that this is all a goose chase? The son did kill himself for being ashamed.
-Mrs. President, if you capitulate, you will also have negotiated with terrorists. There goes that precedent.
-Oh wait, Bill was what’s his name’s husband. The woman from last year who was in the White House. It’s sort of coming back to me.
-“This corruption runs deep and wide.”
-Are we ever going to find out how Bill found out about the corruption since he’s out of the government?
-“Chloe’s working on this.”
-So this guy is being set up to appear as a bad guy. But we can’t ever tell anymore, can we. Janice is bugging on him and he’s constantly smirking.
-Tony might not really want this on his conscience, but does Larry Gross really want to do the interrogation with the Bluetooth earpiece in his ear?
-“This time they’ll be of dead Americans.” Nice, Tony.
-“He’s a wild card, he’s dangerous. Go. Go. Now.” Larry Gross is the worst!
-Who is this Sean Hillinger guy?
-Jon suggests a new name for the show. I’d change it to “Torture4”
-Nice work, Janice, spilling the fact that there’s a security leak.
-Though Hillinger can hack into the FAA system to see where his wife is in the air, he can probably add anyone’s name into it.
-That’s a Jack Bauer Knockdown right there: #1 of the episode!
“I remember watching wrestling as a kid and Jake the Snake used to do the sleeper hold like that. All those dudes took a good 30-60 seconds to go down. Not 10 seconds.” Indeed.
-YES, he’s got his go bag, finally!
-Do you think Tony’s going to be mad that Jack killed him, the second time he died?
-Listen, Jack, sorry I said that stuff about you loving your country more than the women in your life.
-Here we go, it’s the first Chloe vs Janice hacker battle.
-1-0 Janice!
-Code 12 in progress!
-Siren, siren, siren, siren.
-“Someone in the FBI is blocking my every move and it’s pissing me off.” Still awkward, huh, Chloe?
-That was a SUPER hard commercial break, wasn’t it?
-Why are they taking a stairwell? The FBI agents don’t go in the stairwell?
-See, they knew exactly where they were going.
-Haha, Janice says, “I’m trying” the same way that Chloe does.
-The roof of the parking lot seems like a super easy way to get out.
-Oh yeah, Jack Bauer gets a JBKC (#4) for Moss.
-Jack’s like, I’ll be right there, and then drives a car out the parking lot. Nice.
-Agent Moss is REALLY incompetent.
10:59 and SCENE.
So far, so good. Another episode that didn’t suck. That’s 3-3, guys. Last night they promised a big shock, are we thinking it’s Bill, Chloe, Tony? Or is there something else going on? Escaping from the FBI building was surprisingly easy, wasn’t it? And I sort of hope Jack has a broken rib so we can ridicule that all season. It’s going to be a long year, I just know it is.

-Uh, do we really need a ‘scenes from…3 minutes ago?’
-Don’t put this on you, Renae.
-Almeda must have offered him a way out…in the 2 seconds they were talking to each other.
-The President doesn’t know Jack Bauer was involved?
-This guy Ethan, the Warden, is a ninny. He’s SO ready to negotiate with terrorists?
-Hypothermic Compound, oh, that makes sense. Where can we get some of these?
-Ohhai, I’ve got an idea. How about communicating with the plans RIGHT NOW and tell them to peep the comms. This is going to sound simple, but how about initiating a code with the airplanes?
-How long is this plot going to last?
-“Um. CTU only has three.. now four people.” Jack Bauer counts as like 40 people, doesn’t he?
-What phone was Tony just using?
-Is there not going to be anyone in the government that might consider Jack Bauer isn’t going against the government? Like, we all knew Tony was a deep cover good guy, how come they don’t know this shiz?
-“I thought we were through with all this subterfuge.”
-“This will be the last time, I promise.” Yeah… Right.
-OK, so Christina is ACTUALLY on a plane. That’s a surprise.
-I’m a little uncomfortable with ’24’ using this Die Hard plot of being able to see other planes in the air. That’s Die Hard 2, right?
-Are Sean and Erica having an affair?
-Oh, Sean is Billy Walsh from Entourage. This is a good role for him.
-I have a feeling Jack Bauer is going to beat up some of those guys.
-“No, you are.”
-That was really easy, they have to step this up.
-“So did Jack” (Bauer).
-I could write this.
-2 more JBKCs (5) for Jack Bauer
-Jack was sweaty. He must be out of shape.
-Sean knows Larry Moss’ level 5 number, how come he’s flustered by the level 4 block?
-Ethan is a terrible adviser. Are they setting him up to be dirty? Or just making us think he is?
-“Wanted to know what it was like to walk into a propeller.”
-Chloe is pretty awful. How does she not get this? Like, she’s been around a while, doesn’t she know the game?
-LOTS of comments on Twitter about Jack Bauer’s Wardrobe change.
-I’m sure everyone says this once in their live blogging career, but live blogging is hard. I’m just going to say it once.
-Wow. Right after commenting on how hard live blogging is Word Press crashed. Spooky.
-Can the President’s husband, PLEASE give that data to the SEC or something?
-Oh no. Are we supposed to think the Secret Service kid is bad now?
-Who can you trust?
-“Open your eyes, or I will OPEN THEM FOR YOU!”
-Walker is going rouge. She’s going to, yikes, torture.
-Freaking Janice, that took like 90 seconds. Time waster!
-That was probably a mistake for Tanner to laugh at Walker. She would have stopped torturing him. Now she’s not going to stop.
-Tanner is going to talk. That’s my prediction. Why? Because “24” believes torture works.
-Wait, the nurses didn’t know the ventilator was malfunctioning?
-See, Jack Bauer told you that torture worked. That’s the first time they’ve made it obvious I think, though. Lame.
-That’s a nice touch them all speaking French like that.
-Panic room.
-“Who is doing this to us?” Your husband is the exiled prime minister of a nation involved in all of this mess and she’s wondering who is doing this? Really?

So what do we know? We know Motobo’s ‘Safe Room’ isn’t safe. We know that they’re going to try really hard this year to tell us torture works. We know that Agent Walker is willing to play on the wrong side of the law, though I’m surprised she never had the opportunity, too.

4-4 good episodes. I’m sure that streak ends next week. Final update!

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24 Season 7 Episode 3 10am-11am and Episode 4 11am-12am Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 7 Episode 3 10am-11am and Episode 4 11am-12am Live Blog

  1. Jono says:

    I remember watching wrestling as a kid and Jake the Snake used to do the sleeper hold like that. All those dudes took a good 30-60 seconds to go down. Not 10 seconds.


  2. Sorry, we just caught up to live so my comments are:

    c) I want secret service agent Aaron back
    d) If JG ever beats Chloe at anything I’m going to cry
    e) Bill has aged a LOT


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