24 Season 7 Episode 1 8 AM – 9 AM and Episode 2 9 AM – 10 AM

Here we go folks. Click back here at 8:00 EST for the Unlikelywords.com “24” live blog. Maybe we’ll get a discussion going in the comments? What’s your guess on how many people Jack Bauer will knock down this year? 20? 80? I’m going to go with 47. Let me know if you’re taking the over or under.

For Redemption, I used real time, but that was an oversight. For this season we’ll be using “24” time.

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8:00 AM
That’s what you call a car crash opening, folks.
– I’m going to try not to use ‘folks’ anymore. I promise.
– Jack Bauer is going to represent himself, I guess he’s got a fool for a client?

-It’s a little early in the hearing for the “I’m going to ask you one more time”, don’t you think, Senator?
-Are the writers of ’24’ finally explicitly mounting a defense of torture? It certainly seems so.
-“But please, don’t sit there with that smug look on your face, sir, and expect ME to regret the decisions I’ve made, because I DON’T.” There haven’t been many whispers by Jack Bauer so far.
-Wait, so Jack Bauer’s going to have stay up all night and then show up for more questioning tomorrow?
-I figured it was going to take longer to get Jack from suspect to hero.
-What’s going to happen when Janine and Chloe spar? Or is she a full replacement?
-Larry Moss has his doubts. Larry Moss? Don’t you know who Jack Bauer is?!
-Is there some tension between Agent Walker and Larry Moss? He seems jilted. And in looooooove.
-Did we get confirmation that Tony Almeda has died twice on ’24’?
-“I was there when he died.” = “I’m the one who killed him, at least the second time.”
-So what’s the explanation for this. Are they just going to blow it over? Tony was supposed to be dead, but somehow escaped while critically wounded? Didn’t Jack Bauer check his pulse?
-I think we were supposed to expect the plane to crash on take off. What with the music and all.
-Speed 4, in the air!
-The plane problem will have to be resolved in 6-8 hours at the most, right?
-Ethan is the warden from Shawshank, right?
-This air traffic controller is going to be a hero, he feels like one, doesn’t he?
-Did the son of the President Elect get killed during Redemption?
-Tony and other villains sure have some lofty revenge plans, don’t they? They’d be so much more successful if they started small.
-Did Agent Walker just pick up the telephone by saying, “yes”?
-Is this DC to JFK? If that’s the case, the plane plot will be over by tomorrow night.
-Secretary Stevens is slowwalking the post-invasion report? That’s not conduct becoming of a Secretary of State.
-From the comments, “The Sec of State needs to “whip” up a report in a few minutes?” That’s longer than the US spent on the post-invasion plan for Iraq. Hey now!
-Why would it take 12 hours to ground all of the 3,000 flights around the air? There’s no place in the US that it takes 12 hours to get to by plane…
59 car crash on local highway started by a school bus full of Boy Scouts. News at 10.
I don’t like that ‘Bones’ is using my karaoke song for its commercials.
-The President’s husband hired a private investigator to find out about their son’s ‘alleged suicide’. This guy seems like a real gum shoe.
-Isn’t that what the CIA is for?
-This secret service agent is like 14.
-We didn’t see the suicide, right? This wasn’t part of Redemption.
-Janice Garofalo was having a panic attack?
-Gabriel Schecter. The first key. Oh, it’s that guy, from Braveheart.
-Larry Moss is about to get the Jack Bauer whisper.
-I like Agent Walker strong arming Larry Moss.
‘Lie to Me’ looks pretty good. It will probably be awful.
-Speaking of awful, ’24’ hasn’t been so bad, yet. I keep expecting to be disappointed. Wait for it, though, nothing’s happened yet.
-Agent Walker just finds parking spaces. She’s that good.
-Wait, why is the Secretary of State going over the strategic planning?
-Is Agent Walker the love interest? Where’s the blonde?
-If I make a joke about this guy playing Schecter getting typecast as the guy with the scar on his face, is that impolitic?
-Well now. That’s one guy down, but not by Jack Bauer.
-Agent Walker has taken off the leash!
-Well now. Indeed!
-Can someone Google the guy Fred from the FBI office? He looks familiar.
“767 No longer under our control!”
From the comments:
Where’d Jack Bauer’s gun come from? He just had it in his go-bag man purse? I didn’t see a bag yet, actually.

What do you think? Keep going on this page or start a new one? I’m thinking keep going on this one.

-I like that “Access customer logs and try the passengers cell phones.”
-“This thing has escalated.” Escalated indeed.
-“A propensity for not trusting people.” Where on Earth did Agent Walker pick that up? oh, his file, that’s where.
-3 dead bodies? Who is the 3rd person?
-The controller just said “I can hear Almeda talking to him?” How’d he know it was Almeda?
-Maybe Tony is going to land the plane and just show everyone he CAN do something if his demands aren’t met?
-Wow, I’m good. “I want you to see what we can do.”
-Was Tony lucky about the weather or was that planned?
-Why are the planes not grounded yet?
-There are other live blogs going on. They might be bigger fans, or fans at all of the show, though.
-What if the car crash they used to kidnap Latham had not gone as well as it did?
-“Yeah, I know who Bauer is.” You DON’T know who Jack Bauer is.
-Oh man, Tony just got the “need to know” or more accurately “don’t need to know” line. Can’t imagine he likes that very much.
-From the comments: Tara says, “New Theory. Tony. Not a bad guy, but a double agent.” We’ll have to keep our eye on this. Is Tony also looking for “Redemption?”
-“You have my word.” Did that seem reliable? Mr. Motobo, I hope he plays a bigger role this year.
-“We verified his voice print.” Did you know, Warden?”
-It’s OK, kid, it’s important because it’s America!
-There’s at least one dirty FBI fellow. So they’ve got that going for them, which is nice.
-For what it’s worth, I saw the shoes before Jack Bauer did.
-For what that’s worth, it may have happened in an earlier season, so I’m not THAT good.
Good point, Jon. Do we think Bauer’s got a driver’s license?
Here’s another live blog. Obviously, neither of these is as good as this one. But Dave Barry’s might be.
-This FBI agent has Brett Favre hair.
-I’m a little confused. It appears that this guy Latham allowed the Tony Terrorists to take over…everything in the United States? What if they tried to take over THE INTERNET?
-Jack Bauer doesn’t need a driver’s license? Cars need a license to drive him? No? Anyone?
-Agent Walker and Jack Bauer left the scene 10 minutes ago without logging their destination? Maybe someone could call them?
-Larry Moss is SUCH a ninny!
-“Renae? What the hell’s going on?” “What are we eating for dinner tonight?”
-“You told me to do whatever it takes.”
-“Yeah, well you read my file.”
-Jack Bauer is testier this year. Testier, but less whisperier, I’m willing to make that trade for a couple episodes.
-If someone killed the President’s son and then made it look like a suicide, why do they pay off the fiance instead of killing her? Unless she was a plant?
-And also, the private investigator was able to find the money put into her account, but the cops and FBI weren’t? That’s odd.
-I really wish Ryan Philipe was playing the Secret Service guy instead of some dude that looks like him.
-Giving a gun to Jack Bauer and telling him he’s going to need it is lame. What’s he going to need it for? There’s nothing Jack Bauer needs a gun for.
-Except making the gun feeling inadequate.
-Handcuff that guy!
-The surveillance camera has sound?
-That guy seemed like a pretty integral part of the plan, it’s weird they just shoot him like that.
-How’s Tony going to know what to do?
-Maybe Tony is working for Italian Secret Service?
-So, they went out the back door of the boat? And… went the back way off the pier?
-I bet he says, “You going to shoot me again, Jack?” at some point.
-How did Jack Bauer lose the gun?
-We’ll just take this helicopter out there and see what’s going on.
-I guess we’ll give Jack Bauer a JBKC of 2 for that episode for getting Tony and the other guy.
For those following the live blog for the first time this season, Jack Bauer Knockdown Count is the counting system I use. Basically, I determined a couple seasons ago that it was impossible to figure out if Jack Bauer was killing people or knocking them out and leaving. In the heat of a live blog without DVR, you just have to make a count and move on.

Episode JBKC: 2
Season JBKC: 2
I think that went pretty well. Thanks for following along everyone and thanks for commenting. See you back here tomorrow!

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24 Season 7 Episode 1 8 AM – 9 AM and Episode 2 9 AM – 10 AM

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