Revolutionary Beauty

I haven’t seen it yet, but it appears Sam Mendes has made American Beauty 2 and called it Revolutionary Road, a movie based on a 1961 book of the same name. I’m surprised Lee Siegel got through this entire article without mentioning Mad Men once. While Don Draper doesn’t overtly hate the suburbs, he appears to hate everything they represent.

2009 should be a big year for Revolutionary Road on unlikelywords as I have this post, I’ve got the book to read, and want to see the movie.

Revolutionary Beauty

0 thoughts on “Revolutionary Beauty

  1. We saw the movie on Friday, and mostly enjoyed it. It certainly has some similarities with “American Beauty”, the most notable to me other than the general theme was a similar score (both done by Thomas Newman). Although in the death-in-the-burbs category, I like both “Little Children” (also with Winslet) and “The Ice Storm” better. Those who read the book tell me it skips much of the first 1/3, starting with her being in the play.


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