How Bacon is Made

I don’t know why friends started sending me their bacon links. At some point people started associating me with bacon and now I can’t shake it. I’m their bacon guy. Somehow, in the same vein, my mother is the giraffe lady. As a school teacher, and known as the giraffe lady, my mother would consistently get 6-10 giraffes per holiday season and 6-10 giraffes at the end of the year. Giraffe plates, pins, statues, paintings, socks, clocks, etc, etc, etc. It hasn’t gotten that bad for me yet. But I’m going to have to consider putting an end to it before it becomes serious.

Last year on Christmas, my father-in-law gave me a subscription to the Bacon of the Month Club. He didn’t think 1 pound per month was enough, though, so he upgraded us to 2 pounds. Over the summer, with 6 pounds of bacon in the freezer, we called and asked them to hold our subscription until October and go month to month after that.

Here’s how bacon is made, which isn’t as gross as how hot dogs are made, but still eye opening.

How Bacon is Made

0 thoughts on “How Bacon is Made

  1. APik says:

    I think your insistence on making bacolate (bacon chocolate) is probably the source of your affiliation with bacon.

    Maybe I misread, but did you just complain about getting too much bacon?


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