Saratoga Springs Horse Vandalism Video

Unfortunately, Brightcove isn’t letting me embed this so you’ll just have to click this link to watch Brightcove decided to shut down the link to the most remarkable two and half minutes of the week (at least, if not the month). For those of you too lazy to click through Video embedded below. Saratoga Springs is full of horse statues. Here’s one that gets knocked over after 2 minutes of two drunks in suits trying to mount it (really) while a woman who appears to be in a denim skirt cheers them on. My favorite part is how they are all smoking flamboyantly. Who smokes anymore? Now you have to watch it. This is simply remarkable.

TR the Realtor [the horse], owned by Roohan Realty in Saratoga Springs, was vandalized for a fourth time early Monday morning. This video is surveillance footage in front of the real estate office. (Christen Gowan/Times Union)

Saratoga Springs Horse Vandalism Video

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