New Red Sox Uniform Design

The Red Sox unveiled new uniforms this week and the natives are restless. In an unscientific poll on, about 80% of those who voted don’t like the changes or only like some of the changes. I don’t like the new hats at all, but I like the new road uniforms. They remind me of the 1986 era Dave Henderson/Don Baylor ALCS uniforms, though the font was more boxy.

I’m curious what the designers out there think. I also wonder if these changes were made to get the team’s merchandising revenue through the economic down turn. These fonts/designs aren’t completely new, the Sox have been selling merch with the ‘hanging socks’ design for years. Were they using those designs as tests for this type of situation?

Home and Away
New Red Sox Alternate Uniforms

(Images via The Red Sox

New Red Sox Uniform Design

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