Big Baby Davis Cries Celtic Green

Big Baby Davis isn’t afraid to cry and I, for one, thinks this reinforces the aura surrounding my favorite basketball player. Do you think I could get a green t-shirt that says “Cry Celtic Green” on the front and “Davis 11” on the back (like the back of a jersey)?

Big Baby Davis Cries Celtic Green

0 thoughts on “Big Baby Davis Cries Celtic Green

  1. APik says:

    Through your post on Big Baby I was inspired to do some research. Eventually I was led to a couple quotes about Corey Maggette (apparently KG said “Way to get your numbers” after the C’s beat the Warriors). I was curious to know just how selfish he is (in relative terms) to other players around the league.

    This season, his FGA-to-assist ratio is: 7.78 to 1. For perspective, some other notable players’ ratios for the year to date:

    Kevin Garnett: 5.88
    Kevin Durant: 9.77
    Rajon Rondo: 0.98 (more assist than shot attempts!)
    Paul Pierce: 3.73

    I figure Pierce is a comparable player, although his team is better so it’s maybe unfair. Over their careers (both 10 years thus far):
    Maggette: 5.05
    Pierce: 4.34

    So he’s selfish, but not Durant selfish. He’s being more selfish now that he got signed for a 5-year, $50million deal with the Warriors. I’d be interested to look at the win-share data (I think that Hollinger guy has this stat) for these guys over their careers.

    The side-effect of this side-effect research is that I’m curious to see if Rondo is the only player in the league with more assists than shot attempts. It turns out that Deron Williams, Jose Calderon, Jason Kidd, and Rondo are the only players with this distinction thus far.

    Nerd ahoy!


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