Steve Carlton Believes Bill Clinton Had A Black Son?

Normally, I’d let a 14 year old dog lie, but sometimes, they’re too remarkable. That said, the year Steve Carlton was inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame, he was interviewed and espoused some rather strange views on Bill Clinton having a disavowed black son and the world being run by 12 Jews.

Apparently he made it the rest of the year and through his induction speech (which I listened to) without saying anything else to get into trouble. Not talking to the media might not have been hard for the lefthander, though, because there were stretches in his career when he didn’t talk to the writers for up to 8 years at a time.

I don’t know. I say let’s give him a pass, I guess, since he’s not hurting anyone thinking this way and it was 14 years ago and all.

Steve Carlton Believes Bill Clinton Had A Black Son?

0 thoughts on “Steve Carlton Believes Bill Clinton Had A Black Son?

  1. JLD says:

    Yes, these are stupid comments. Everyone knows it’s not 12 Jewish bankers who run the world; it’s 10 Jewish bankers, Walt Disney, and Deep Blue, the super-computer that beat Gary Kasparov at chess and was “dismantled” by IBM in 1997 (chess is just Deep Blue’s hobby, of course).


  2. no dollars no quarters says:

    It’s Carlton being Carlton.
    I’m not shocked by his comments.
    I’m shocked that he talked to somebody from the media!
    I enjoy what the man brought to the game and leave it at that.
    He is one of the greats of the game.

    1972 Phi. Phillies 59-97, Finished 6th in NL Eastern Division.

    Year Ag Tm Lg W L G GS CG SHO GF SV IP H
    1972 27 PHI NL 27 10 41 41 30 8 0 0 346.3 257

    84 76 17 87 310 1 8 1351 8 2 1.97 3.59


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