24 Redemption Live Blog

I can’t remember the last time ’24’ was on. It’s been a year and a half, or so. When it was on before, I blogged it. I’m a little out of practice, and I don’t know if I’ll remember all the characters and whether they’re good or bad. That’s a lot of qualifying, isn’t it? Let’s just get on with it.

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Redemption Live Blog
24 Tag from UnlikelyWords featuring season 5 and 6 Live Blog.

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8:00 – Child soldiers. Training camp. Is this the main bad guy?
8:02 – ’24’ broke ground over the last couple seasons by popularizing torture. Are they going to break ground again by showing children executing prisoners?
8:03 – I guess so.
8:04 – Theme music changed a bit. Still showing events in real time…
8:06 – What is Jack Bauer doing in Africa? Still whispering I see.
8:08 – Oh, excellent, it’s the guy from 28 Weeks Later… Jack Bauer vs zombies!
8:08 – Jack Bauer does NOT want to be served. I don’t think it counts if he doesn’t actually touch the envelope, right?
8:11 – Ahhh, the US government is supporting the rebels who use child soldiers. Last couple years, it was torture, now it’s secretly supporting wars… I always have the question as to whether the writers know how bad they make the government look. But they’re crazy right wing nutters, they think this is good?
8:11 – Does John Voight ever play a good character?
8:15 – And we have our first “Damn it”.
8:17 – This truck driver sure is a schmuck. He first was hassling Jack Bauer and now he’s being dumb.
8:19 – Here we go… I like to think that the kids would have been able to scatter a little better than that. Guess not, though.
8:20 – “Are you a baby, Steven?”
8:21 – Finally, kids making a run for it… Oh man… They’re no good to you dead, homie.
8:21 – 3 people dead in the first segment, that’s middling compared to history, though, it’s going to be difficult to keep count in real time.
8:25 – There’s a new president. Is it one of these 2? Nope… I looked at the cast and I don’t want to ruin anything for you. It’s a she.
8:26 – Cars going to blow up!!!!
8:27 – It didn’t blow up.
8:27 – So we’re supposed to believe this guy is the President’s son and needed a junkie to get him a job?
8:28 – First a black president, now a female president? ’24’ looks toward the future.
8:28 – Oh, it’s the Ally Macbeal guy.
8:28 – Oh, the VP, now the P.
8:29 – Look, teleconference by Cisco. I wonder how much that cost.
8:31 – “Nothing in Sengala worth protecting.”
8:31 – I wonder what the precedent is for a international incident on Inauguration day?
8:32 – “Let’s talk after you’ve been sitting in my chair for a while. Until then, we still have some transition issues to go over.” On Inauguration day? Really? They couldn’t finish that yesterday?
8:33 – Vultures. Wow. Nice touch.
8:35 – Pumiyah. A white person. Can’t see ghosts. If Willie only knew. Jack Bauer sees ALL the ghosts.
8:37 – “Benton on Direct Connect.” Sponsor #2.
8:37 – Why is the American school run by an Australian?
8:37 – Jack’s not whispering. That was a first.
8:38 – The writers are portraying the UN as a bunch of clueless ninnies. Nice.
8:39 – “Wait. Wait for me!” OK, UN dude.
8:40 – Jack Bauer Knockdown Count 2.
8:40 – JBKC 3.
8:40 – JBKC 5.
8:41 – JBKC 7. Knife and gun!
8:42 – JBKC 10. Dy-No-Mite!
8:42 – Really, Jack Bauer? You couldn’t take those guys?
8:43 – I’m going to need a few more commercials.
8:48 – “Last chopter laving in an hour.” Is that going to be the climax?
8:50 – Jack Bauer is constantly getting himself situations like these. And now his ear is going to be all melty.
8:51 – That car mirror signal was SOS, right? And now I can add ‘torture’ to my tags. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.
8:52 – JBKC 11. Broke that dude’s neck with his knee. Is that even possible?
8:53 – “The United Nations remains neutral in this incident.” What a ninny!
8:58 – The time coming back from the commercial was 2 minutes fast. Not sure why they mess it up like that.
8:59 – I think they’re using this actor for the junky because they couldn’t get John Leguizamo.
9:01 – I don’t think the President’s son takes stuff like this to his mother. I don’t think the junky is going to make it.
9:02 – “Check your email in one hour.” But the show will be over!
9:03 – Christ, this UN guy is such a dick. Seems like he gave a lot of information for no reason.
9:04 – So the bus is only hearing this stuff now. What good is the walkie talkie? What needs to happen is Jack needs one of those jeeps with the .50 caliber machine gun. That’s the type of escort the bus needs, not a silly UN ninny.
9:06 – I guess I spoke too soon when I was asking for more commercials… Now we’re getting commercials every 5 minutes.
9:10 – “As much as I’d like to, it’s still a little early.” 4:00 PM is too early. She’s a ninny, too.
9:11 – Excellent. You still call him Mr. President until you get sworn in.
9:19 – Now I’m having internet connectivity issues. Perfect timing.
9:20 – Who is in there, buddy? That guy has a GIANT forehead. And a gun.
9:21 – When he answers the questions. He’s going to get shot. Watch. Just watch.
9:24 – I KNEW the Secret Service agent was a bad guy.
9:26 – And we’re back!
9:28 – Is Robert Carlyle in this movie of ’24’ to promote his new series?
9:29 – We all think Benton is going to die, right?
9:30 – Shooting the helicopter with the pistol was a waste of time, we know that.
9:31 – Land mines!
9:32 – I’ve gotta ask, if he saw the trigger in the ground, why did he step on it when saving the boy?
9:34 – We knew he was going to die, but we don’t feel good about it being this way.
9:35 – Why did he need Jack’s rifle then, if he was just going to give up?
9:35 – Also…Is the coup going to be a failure because the colonel is driven mad by revenge?
9:37 – The mine isn’t going to kill the colonel, right? It couldn’t be ’24’.
9:38 – I like that this show is functioning as a holiday movie preview, Ben Button, Seven Pounds (Will Smith!), Australia, and… Can’t remember the 4th. I also like the comercials against children soldiers and mosquito nets. That’s good citizenry right there, ’24’.
9:42 – “Mr. Benton died to make sure that you would be safe.” “We have to go, it’s what Mr. Benton would have wanted.”
9:43 – JBKC 14.
9:44 – Talk the child soldier down! Talk him down!!! How come it was all those guys and one child soldier? That’s odd.
9:45 – How you not going to pick up the rifle?
9:45 – Is Ethan the warden from Shawshank Redemption?
9:46 – “If he finds Nichols, he could find me.”
9:47 – Jack Bauer time is now 5 minutes fast. How come?
9:47 – “Who are you?” “JACK BAUER!”
9:48 – He’s going to give him the paperwork and the guy’s going to make Jack Bauer come or else he won’t accept it.
9:49 – “I don’t have a choice, you son of a bitch.”
9:50 – Jack Bauers going to punch that guy the next time he sees him, you’ll see.
9:51 – Yeah, so the junky got it and now he’s getting made part of a building.
9:52 – Alison Taylor isn’t very charismatic.
9:53 – Really? They’re going to do a people running after the helicopter scene? Weak sauce.
9:54 – I still don’t think the colonel is dead.

10:01 – So that went pretty good. I can’t believe it, but I’m pretty jazzed for the next season. I was trying to remember how the last season ended… I actually don’t think I ever posted the final episode from last year. I’ll have to find that and put it up. Hasn’t Tony Almeda died twice already? Like… Really? They couldn’t come up with a different bad guy or just have a new one? They had to go there? Oh well.

‘Redemption was pretty good, but mostly in the sense that we didn’t have to wait a week in suspense to be disappointed by a crappy let down. There were no let downs here. Though it did have the feel of a TV season that gets rushed (See Jericho season 2).
Here we go. See you in January! Or tomorrow, depending on if you are a regular reader or ’24’ only…

24 Redemption Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Redemption Live Blog

  1. BuffaloFan says:

    Damn it FOX! On WUTV 29 Redemption signal has been horrible for the passed half hour and shows no signs of clearing up. It seems like the digital signal is breaking up, pic starting and stopping, audio is as well. Checking with friends and flipping around, it is only WUTV Fox 29 that has a problem. Imagine how pissed we are. And no, I will not go out and by the DVD this week because somewhere it will be on line. Thank you for another reason to hate FOX…and now that channel has gone off the air…I hate this.


  2. Laurent says:

    Dude, that was much more fun than actually watching it. Would you mind doing that for Heroes? I want to know what they are going to do but I can’t really be bothered watching it. Besides, I can’t really tell the bad guys from the good guys anymore except for the fact that the bad guys are slightly more clever.


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