Comprehensive Election Reactions Round Up – A Reference – Via

(The original post, with everything on one page was too long to load. Hopefully this will fix that.)

And now, finally, I can have my life back, not having to worry about politics every second of every day.

(Many, many thanks to the following websites for making the above possible. Seriously. Via Wonkette, Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish, Apelad, Soldier’s Home, Rob Pitingolo, Wired, Mark Cuban, SF Weekly, The New Republic,, The Corner, Culture11, Daily Kos, Callie Shell, Dooce, Ed Cone, ESPN, Gawker, Gothamist, Wicked Local, Jezebel, Kottke, Nicholas Kristof, Paul Krugman, Marc Ambinder, Marketplace, Media Matters, Miami Herald,, The National Review, Google News, Yahoo News, New York Magazine, Obama 2008 Headlines, Opinionator Blog, Perez Hiltion, Political Ticker Blog, Politico, Ross Douthat, Salon, Slate, The Stranger, Der Souegel, Swamland Blog, Talking Points Memo, The Board Blog, Think Progress, Tucson Citizen, Z on TV, The Wall Street Journal, Michelle Malkin, Curt Schilling, AfterEllen, The American Conservative, Baloon Juice, Barry Eisler, Baseball Musings, BeyondChron, The Boston Globe, The Big Picture (Boston Globe), Brand Week, Chris Piascik’s Blogzilla, CNN, Controlled Greed, Christian Science Monitor, Dallas News, Digby, D Magazine, EbonyJet, The Economist, Bill Whittle, Wikipedia, Atrios, Chicago News Examiner,, FOX News, GQ, The Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Mother Jones,, National Journal, Saturday Night Live,, Newspaper Index, Newsweek, The New Yorker, New York Daily News, The New York Post, The New York Times, Patrick Mosberg, Bill Moyers Journal, Playboy,, Portfolio, The American Prospect, Real Clear Politics, Reason, RedState, Republicans for Obama, The Big Picture (Barry Ritholtz), Rolling Stone, Glenn Greenwald, Salon War Room,, Hello Everybody, Steven Johnson, The Daily Beast, The Next Right, The Onion, The Root, Time, Tiny Revolution, USA Today, Washington Monthly, The Washington Post, YouTube, Zefrank)

Comprehensive Election Reactions Round Up – A Reference – Via

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