Comprehensive Election Reactions Round Up – A Reference – The Media

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The Media
The media gets bored reporting just facts all the time and their favorite story is a story about themselves. From my perspective, most of the press around this election were built to create a horse race. First in the GOP primary, then in the Democratic primary, and then in the general. Oh well, can’t live with them… Can’t… Right.

Campaign memories from Rolling Stone:

This is what qualifies as a tough question on the campaign trail. The press performance in this election year would ultimately prove to be the worst of all time by miles and miles. Example: After thousands of reporters sat around for months on end listening first to Hillary’s and then John McCain’s people blather on about Obama’s connection to former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers, it would take David Letterman – David Letterman! – to challenge either candidate on the matter. “Are they driving cross-country?” Letterman asked, after finally having gotten McCain to squirm about his own relationship with equivalent extremist G. Gordon Liddy.

And from GQ:

Objectivity is a fallacy. In campaign reporting more than any other kind of press coverage, reporters aren’t just covering a story, they’re a part of it “influencing outcomes, setting expectations, framing candidates”and despite what they tell themselves, it’s impossible to both be a part of the action and report on it objectively. In some cases, you genuinely like the candidate you’re covering and you root for him, because over the long haul you come to see him as a human being. For a long time, this was John McCain’s ace in the hole with the press, whom he referred to as ‘my base.’

The press should have wanted Biden because of how ‘unscripted’ he seems, but they trashed him for this unscriptedness. A case study in the absurd:

If anything, grateful reporters should have rewarded Biden’s wide-open style (not to mention his generous access), right? Wrong. Throughout the fall campaign, the press relentlessly painted Biden as a buffoon and a goof. Rather than reward Biden for being open and honest with voters, the press punished him for weeks on end.

I don’t know if we consider them the media, but The View was must watch TV. Before

It’s been quite a season for “TheView,” a show that went from yappy, irrelevant punch line to must-see TV (even if your “TV” happens to resemble a computer). As has been eloquently pointed out by my colleague Rebecca Traister, “These ladies are a regular ‘McNeil-Lehrer NewsHour’ for the late-morning set, with [Elisabeth] Hasselbeck as the benighted Republican bugaboo.” It’s been nothing less than thrilling to watch the electricity of their political arguments, which mirror the country’s water-cooler conversation without the smug and easy vilifying made possible by sharing a conversation with people who think exactly the same as you do.

And after.

[Elizabeth] was uncharacteristically gracious and respectful of Barack Obama.

Unfortunately, Ana Marie Cox (I don’t know why, but she annoys me) isn’t talking about herself in this list of things to retire:

Term: Maverick. I’ve forgotten what it means.

Both candidates were interviewed on Monday Night Football, the night before the election and faced softball questions. I’m not sure what the writer expected.

The questions Berman was shown asking the candidates during halftime of ESPN’s Monday Night Football fell short of being softballs — they were more like silly putty.

Obama vs The West Wing

Howard Kurtz says that shows that have previously been fluffy have hit McCain harder than Obama (Letterman, The View). But Howard Kurtz is an idiot, and perhaps the softer shows were hitting McCain harder because the press wasn’t.

CNN debuted holograms for its coverage.

Anna Marie Cox interviews:
Obama’s Communications Director

This has been—filled with highs and, I could say any number, but I think, seeing Barack Obama last night in Virginia, the capital of the Old South, in front of nearly 100,000 people in one of his final campaign rallies, was sort of the great conclusion to everything we’ve done. One of the goals was to go where Democrats hadn’t gone before, to reach out to people that Democrats hadn’t reached out to before, and there we were actually having accomplished that fact, regardless of what the outcome is.

McCain Chief Strategist

Reached on a long-planned vacation outside the country, former McCain campaign chief strategist Steve Schmidt was in the middle of letting go.

And McCain Aide Mark Salter

I think the environment, the biggest challenge in the environment was the bailout… and the right track number, on top of a president with very low approval ratings and a shitty economy, that’s a pretty bad environment.

One of the more enjoyable videos of the election was watching fake pundit Joe the Plumber getting mauled by Rick Sanchez.

The traditional media, wasn’t interested in reporting news they were interested in creating a horserace.

I think there was media bias in favor of Hillary Clinton, and here’s why. It was virtually mathematically impossible for her to be nominated from late March on, and the media continued to pretend that there was an active campaign. And the reason is it serves the interests of the media to have the campaign go on longer.

Obama bits and loose ends‘

The press had details on how clueless Palin was (whether it was true or infighting), but didn’t report it until after the election… Why?

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Comprehensive Election Reactions Round Up – A Reference – The Media

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