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Because not everything always has a place to go.

This was at the beginning, during the primary. Yes we can.

Some of my favorite pictures from the election include this illustration, Obama doing pullups, and Obama as Superman. Here are a few cartoons of Obama doing the terrorist fist bump with the Lincoln Memorial (‘Who better to juxtapose with the country’s first black president than the commander-in-chief who emancipated American slaves (even if Obama’s ancestors were not among them)?’), 35 awesome pictures from the election, a big (in a good way) round up of editorial cartoons and some more pics of Obama.

I hope he voted for himself.

5 Signs President-Elect Obama Is a Geek

1. Obama has pledged to create a cabinet-level Chief Technology Officer for the country.

Four years ago we were sorry everybody, now it’s Hello Everybody

An explanation of the above link:

Right after the 2004 election, a California college student started a website called, “an apology to the world for the reelection of George W. Bush.” He invited Americans to submit photos with messages to the world, and thousands did. In one photo, a man holds up a handwritten note: “Sorry World (We Tried). — Half of America.” Another note reads, “I’m Sorry World, I Miss You So Much.” A third promises, “Dear World, It’ll Get Better.”


No, Obama won’t bring peace to Iraq and withdraw U.S. troops in his first month in office, or end Arab-Israeli tensions by March. He won’t miraculously persuade Iran to switch from nuclear technologies to solar energy, or persuade Osama bin Laden to give up terrorism and open up a chain of florist shops instead.

And also from52to48withlove

From 52 to 48, we can work it out. Together.

Though, what is 52-48? Wasn’t it 53-46?

This is a fawning Obama victory montage to the tune of Marvin Gaye’s epic National Anthem performance at an NBA all star game. Maybe shut your eyes and listen.

Election night sex.

Here’s a list of bad predictions made during the race. A bazillion of them. Though the predictions of Hilary being the candidate were not bad, Obama was just that good.

In this case conventional wisdom is not just wrong but comically so. [Fred] Thompson will win the Republican nomination for two reasons. First, he’s a very impressive candidate. Second, there’s no realistic alternative. He will win the general election for the same two reasons.

How Simon Cowell saved American democracy:

And as much as some might scoff at the deleterious effects of Idol on our culture, it has created a culture of voting among our young people. Where past generations of youth might have felt cynically about their ability to affect change, the millions of Idol voters can see the palpable impact of their vote — live in prime time and with Ryan Seacrest as their Walter Cronkite.

A white conservative from Charlotte canvases for Obama and learns something:

I am the dreaded swing voter. So you can imagine my surprise when my wife suggested we spend a Saturday morning canvassing for Obama. I have never canvassed for any candidate. But I did, of course, what most middle-aged married men do: what I was told.

36 Red and Blue Maps.

Barack Obama is a game-changer. The video game kind, not the kind that Nick Gillespie loathes so much.

What can we expect from Bush’s White House? There were stories about the transition from Clinton to Bush. “The vandalism included missing items like doorknobs, a presidential seal and ‘W’ keys from nearly 60 computer keyboards.” Or, well, maybe it didn’t.

Even baseball is going to be effected.

Some baseball agents already are thinking about trying to beat a possible tax increase for their well-paid clients under an Obama administration.

This could turn out to be a very busy last week of December or new contracts this offseason could have lower bonuses and higher per year salaries to cover the taxes. Though I think this effects agents way more than players who don’t typically receive very high signing bonuses.

Also, Poker Returns to the White House:

But it was already on the record that, after a cool reception from fellow legislators in 1997, when he first took his seat in the Illinois state senate, Obama won over colleagues of all parties with his charm and expertise at the green baize.

And three election recap videos from Daily Kos

Er, The Tonight Show


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Celebrate! – A run down of the celebrations.
WINS! – A list of 38 sites and their winning posts.
Winners and Losers – 18 lists of election winners and losers.
Turnout, Voting, and Polling – Articles and stories about voting, polling, and turn out.
Reactions – Reactions from the world, pundits, and celebrities.
How Obama Won – Some thoughts on how Obama won.
Why McCain Lost – Some thoughts on why McCain lost and what next for the GOP.
Expectations and Advice – There are a lot of people with expectations and a lot of people with advice.
Race – Obviously electing the first black president is going to bring up comments on race.
Money and Business – What will the impact on your money and you business be?
The Media – Without the media, wherever would we be!?
Humor – Without the humor, wherever would we be!?
Miscellaneous – Without the miscellaneous, wherever would we be!?
Personal Stories from Friends – Just what it says.
273 Status Political Status Messages in 27 Hours – Just what it says.
Via – Here’s a list of all the sites I used in putting this together – the sources.

Comprehensive Election Reactions Round Up – A Reference – Miscellaneous

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