Comprehensive Election Reactions Round Up – A Reference – Expectations and Advice

Expectations and Advice
A new president can’t come into office without enormous expectations about how things will change and there will always be plenty of people to give advice.
Some of those who would give advice are Concern Trolls, though, and should be ignored.

Advice on who not to appoint to the cabinet:

State Department. Do not appoint Bill Richardson
Also, do not appoint John Kerry.
Also, do not appoint Anthony Lake.
Supreme Court. Do not appoint Hillary Clinton.
Treasury Department. Do not appoint former Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin. Lawrence Summers.
Energy Department. Do not appoint Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Environmental Protection Agency or Interior Department. Do not hire Robert Kennedy Jr. H
Defense Department. Do not reappoint Robert Gates.
Attorney General. Do not appoint Jamie Gorelick.
Vice President. Not Joe Biden.

On not being too liberal:

Obama will need to bear all of this in mind in the years ahead as he comes under pressure from some factions of the Democratic Party hoping to translate his mandate into a Rooseveltian expansion of government. Such an expansion would severely undermine America’s ability to compete in the global marketplace, and the impressive coalition that he has put together would not last his administration.

On refocusing the Pentagon

Mr. Obama inherits a terrible legacy. The nation is embroiled in two wars – one of necessity in Afghanistan and one of folly in Iraq. Mr. Obama’s challenge will be to manage an orderly withdrawal from Iraq without igniting new conflicts so the Pentagon can focus its resources on the real front in the war on terror, Afghanistan.

Will it end in tears?

To say that now the hard part starts is a cliche, but it’s also true. Truer, in fact, in the case of Obama than for most new presidents. The troubles that await him are daunting and many, foreign and domestic. The expectations that have been heaped upon him are ludicrously weighty. It’s all too easy to spin scenarios in which Obama winds up humbled, broken, a failed one-term president, and trust me, there are already neurotic Democrats and vengeful Republicans churning up those dark and foreboding visions. But me, I’m thinking about a line I remember reading in 1992 – possibly crafted by the great Mike Kinsley, but I’m not sure – on the occasion of Bill Clinton’s election: “Of course it will all end in tears, but today it feels great.” I dunno about you, but for now I am content to go with that.

Three Predictions for Obama’s America:

1. America’s political and pundit class will go through a clinical bout of ideological amnesia.
2. The Culture Wars will be reignited.
3. Liberals and conservatives will continue to try and define everything in terms of right and left.

10 things that will never be the same.

1. Polling
2. Fundraising
3. Media
4. Announcing for Office
5. Advertising
6. Debates
7. Voter ID
8. Get-Out-the-Vote
9. Campaign Structures
10. Candidates

This Republican media consultant says Obama’s first order should be to take on Democrats, using a proposed pro-labor legislation as his example.

Gore this ugly ox and Obama will demonstrate he is truly his own man and capable of great things.

How things will change

Guns, God and gays will not disappear from our politics. But they are diminished as electoral weapons as the country confronts a new generation of disputes: global warming, mortgage meltdowns and the detention of terrorism suspects, to name a few.

Quickly there was a question as to whether Obama had earned a mandate (as Bush claimed in 2004 with a much slimmer victory), or if the country was really center-right and acting foolishly.
Mandate or no mandate?

This is why conservatives were so adamant about claiming a mandate in 1980 and in 2004 – they understood its critical connection to policy. This is also why Establishment voices are so adamant about downplaying a mandate today – because the empirical data from the election suggests that 2008 provided an overwhelmingly anti-Establishment mandate on everything from financial regulation, to trade, to health care to the Iraq War. If that mandate is permitted to be recognized, acknowledged and appreciated in the public debate, it might force significant policy change on those issues.

How Obama won? No idea, this is a center right country.

Senator Obama, who has the most liberal voting record of any current US senator, is well to the left, according to all polls, of most Americans. He is surging toward the unusual feat of being elected even though most of his countrymen are ideologically closer to his chief opponent.

Sarcastic response to the country being center right:

This, naturally, is very good news for the Republicans, according to many pundits. It proves once again that America remains a “center-right” nation.

“This country is still very much a center-right country” and “The public remains as skeptical about federal activism and social liberalism as they have been for years”

But not everyone on, on the right or otherwise, contends that the nation is center right.

I think we are near a point at which America joins the rest of the west as a center-left society.


He’s carved out a mandate to take America at least some distance in a leftward direction, and he has left the conservative opposition demoralized, disorganized, and arguably self-destructing.

So is it a center-right country? Well, no.

They want some government action to solve some of these problems.

Nobody is sure what lies ahead.

Here we are – we, the people in Grant Park; we, the people of the United States; we, the people of the world. Here we are, and none of – not even and especially the man on the stage, the man just elected to be the 44th president – can be sure of what lies ahead.

Obama might be afraid that he does not have the strength for the job:

But his manner before crowds and his face in photographs seem even farther out of reach than usual…On the night of his landslide victory over Hoover, in 1932, in the depths of the Great Depression, Roosevelt had an intimate conversation with his son James, ‘You know… all my life I have been afraid of only one thing… fire. Tonight I think I’m afraid of something else. I’m just afraid that I may not have the strength to do this job… I am going to pray. I am going to pray that God will help me, that he will give me the strength and the guidance to do this job and to do it right. I hope that you will pray for me, too.’

And so it begins and begins.

One way to start changing things yourself? Apply for a job.

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Comprehensive Election Reactions Round Up – A Reference – Expectations and Advice

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