Comprehensive Election Reactions Round Up – A Reference – Wins

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Wall Street Journal WINS, EbonyJet WINS, The Daily Beast WINS, Gothamist WINS, Digby WINS, Wonkette WINS, Lawyers, Guns and Money WINS, Politico WINS, Baseball Musings WINS, The Big Picture WINS, Red State WINS, National Review WINS, Jonah Goldberg WINS, Mother Jones WINS, New York Times WINS, Salon WINS, Steven Johnson WINS, The New Yorker WINS, Washington Post WINS, Slate WINS, Kottke WINS, The Next Right WINS, Chris Piascik’s Blogzilla WINS, Daily Kos WINS, The Boston Globe WINS, Perez Hilton WINS, Dooce WINS, Michelle Malkin WINS, Bill Whittle WINS (very, very graciously). Der Spiegel WINS, Time WINS, USA Today WINS, CNN WINS, Mark Cuban WINS, Talking Points Memo WINS, Balloon Juice WINS, Arianna Huffington WINS, Atrios WINS Curt Schilling Concedes/Wins, and finally, from Google, everyone else WINS!

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Celebrate! – A run down of the celebrations.
WINS! – A list of 38 sites and their winning posts.
Winners and Losers – 18 lists of election winners and losers.
Turnout, Voting, and Polling – Articles and stories about voting, polling, and turn out.
Reactions – Reactions from the world, pundits, and celebrities.
How Obama Won – Some thoughts on how Obama won.
Why McCain Lost – Some thoughts on why McCain lost and what next for the GOP.
Expectations and Advice – There are a lot of people with expectations and a lot of people with advice.
Race – Obviously electing the first black president is going to bring up comments on race.
Money and Business – What will the impact on your money and you business be?
The Media – Without the media, wherever would we be!?
Humor – Without the humor, wherever would we be!?
Miscellaneous – Without the miscellaneous, wherever would we be!?
Personal Stories from Friends – Just what it says.
273 Status Political Status Messages in 27 Hours – Just what it says.
Via – Here’s a list of all the sites I used in putting this together – the sources.

Comprehensive Election Reactions Round Up – A Reference – Wins

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