Airport iPod Music Kiosks! Mark Cuban for President…

…Of the Music Industry. Or at least dictator.

Via Atrios, an article about record labels finally coming to their senses, fighting online music less, and also releasing DRM free music. They’re beginning to realize that treating their customers like customers instead of treating them like criminals is a practice that might increase the bottom line. Even bands are getting in on the act, realizing that embracing the idea of MPFree is good for their cred.

And I read with interest an article describing EMI’s latest effort to have iPod filling kiosks in airports. Anyone with an iPod and a credit card will be able to select the tracks they want to buy, load them onto their iPod (DRM free), swipe their card, and walk away, presumably to bop along on the plane to their favorite tracks by Radiohead or the Rolling Stones. Music kiosks are an idea I first saw proposed by Mark Cuban THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO! He pretty much writes out the business plan for this product and begs someone to roll it out.

Mark Cuban’s foresight is why I endorse him today for President of the Music Industry.

PS, even though Cuban is somewhat loony, along with his role of Music Business President, he would be a valuable adviser to the next SecTreas, if only for his willingness to adopt current technology to solve complicated issues. You know, like a $700B government bailout. Seriously, check out his blog.

Airport iPod Music Kiosks! Mark Cuban for President…

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