Bruce Schneier vs Kip Hawley

Bruce Schneier helps a writer for The Atlantic Punk the TSA (I’m sure you saw this over the last couple weeks if you read the internet at all). Airport security is, after all, so much ‘security theater’.
Head of the TSA, Kip Hawley, responds to article.
Schneier responds.
Hawley responds again.

While I admire Kip Hawley’s somewhat transparent (somewhat, because how transparent do you want a security chief to be?) approach to this dialogue I agree with Schneier’s dismissal of the answers. Again, though, it is refreshing for a Bush appointee to at least make an attempt at discussion. Most government appointees probably wouldn’t respond to this type of thing, even if Schneier is the preeminent security expert around.

Bruce Schneier vs Kip Hawley

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