Races to Watch

Election night is coming up. In order for me to make sure to keep up on all the races I’m interested in following, I made a list. If the Ds win all of these……………..Sorry, I just blacked out for a second. If a lot of these races go for Ds, we’ll have had a very good night. A lot of these are long shots. Let’s see what we can do, though.

NM – Pres, CO – Pres, MO – Pres, OH – Pres, NC – Pres, VA – Pres, FL – Pres, GA – Pres, IN – Pres, ND – Pres, AZ – Pres, GA – Sen, KY – Sen, MN – Sen, AL – Sen, MS – Sen, TX – Sen, NE – Sen, NC – Sen, WA – Gov, NC – Gov, WA 08, CA 04, CA 11, CA 50, NV 02, AZ 03, WY AL, TX 22, MN 06, IL 10, OH 02, VA 02, NY 29, NC 08, FL 16, FL 25, FL 21, FL 18, CT 04, AL AL,

We’re not going to win all of these, but we can hope, and the more we do win, the better the night will be. Also, if there are any messed up state abbreviations, I did that on purpose so Republicans would have something to make fun of. Let me know if I forgot anything good. I might build this out as we get closer to Tuesday so it has the names of the people running in these districts. We’ll see.

Races to Watch

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