Barry Eisler writes these crazy spy books (John Rain Series) that are super addictive and easy to read in about a day and a half. I’ve read them all. And probably will again in a couple years. These might be the best vacation books of all times. In any case, Eisler also has a blog where he recently has been writing extremely thoughtful posts on the election. I enjoy it immensely because his vote for Obama is coming from a different place than my partisan zealotry. Eisler sounds like a Republican who is embarrassed by today’s Republican party. His latest post is a must read essay on ideologues losing credibility by refusing to acknowledge, well, facts. Just go read the whole thing.

People who are unable or unwilling to recognize the danger of an ossified ideology tend to be ineffective, and, in certain positions, dangerous. Facts, after all, are stubborn things. A deeply held belief that you can fly does nothing to suspend the operation of gravity.


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