Goonches? Giant Shark-like Catfish

Apparently, giant catfish, or goonches, in India are eating teenagers. Mediafishermanwriter personality Jeremy Wade claims the presence of his quotations innews stories about the maneating catfish prove the stories, which is some sort of catfish fulfilling prophesy.

Via The Fear Beneath, which features a sensible comment on their post about the crazy catfish. From the comments of this link, “I’ve heard of catfish biting people, so if they were feeding dead people to them the best thing to do is not swim in that river”. I mean, right? This is an entire blog about sharks and sharks attacks, people, AN ENTIRE BLOG! If there’s not a law against shark blogs, there should be. Also on The Fear Beneath, thoughts on what would happen if Great Whites began replicating what some sharks in captivity have shown recently: virgin birth.

Goonches? Giant Shark-like Catfish

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