Fluff Festival: Union Square, Somerville

Fluff was invented in Union Square, Somerville in 1917. For the last 3 years, Union Square has celebrated by holding a What the Fluff Festival. It’s a lot of fun with lots of activities for young and old alike. This year, there’s even a comic book. FYI, the What the Fluff Festival has changed it’s date from 9/27 to 9/28 from 4 PM to 7 PM. See you there!

Edited 9/27:
This post from Bostonist has more about the whats of this year and the whys of all years.

Fluff Festival: Union Square, Somerville

0 thoughts on “Fluff Festival: Union Square, Somerville

  1. Jean Saunders says:

    My dad,James Saunders 1921-1980, came up with the name “Fluffernutter” in 1960.He was a comercial artist who lived in Melrose, and worked for an ad agency called “Frost Advertising, in South Boston.The folks at the fluff plant in Lynn, hired the agency to come up with a name for a sandwich made from Fluff and peanut butter,and the account was given to my dad.The word Fluffernutter on the back of the plastic container is his design,and the name is his idea.In light of the recent decision to make the Fluffernutter the official sandwich of Massachusetts,it’s like he has been resurrected.Thanks for reading.


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