True Blood

We may not get HBO, but that hasn’t stopped me from watching the first two episodes of True Blood. (I won’t say how, but it rhymes with Schmitt Schmorrent.) Here are my thoughts so far:

  • Vampires! Neat!
  • HBO seems to have contracted out the costume design for Anna Paquin’s character to Maxim.
  • The show definitely seems to be taking advantage of the fact that it’s on HBO for some gratuitous nudity—except for the main characters, of course. In fact, I think the only female character to get topless so far is dead. Nice slut shaming, Alan Ball.
  • The main characters, Sookie and Bill, are both very strange personalities, which makes all of their pipe-laying exposition dialogue less awkward, but still awkward.
  • True Blood vampires “vamp out” much more delicately than Buffy vampires. After being used to the Buffy game faces, the little fang “snikt!” is kind of hilarious.
  • Come to think of it, I’m choosing to interpret the introductory fake-out scene as a Buffy homage.
  • Sookie’s brother is such an over-the-top douchebag, it’s hilarious. His self-congratulatory mirror-point while having sex with his girlfriend was laugh-out-loud funny. (I LOL’d!)
  • This show picks up in the middle of the story in a kind of unusual way. It’s really refreshing to watch a vampire story that doesn’t start with several weeks of the characters all running around in denial about the fact that vampires exist, or having to keep the existence of vampires a secret. In fact, none of the supernatural elements are kept secret, and the discovery of the supernatural isn’t part of the plot at all. Bill’s the first vampire in town, but everyone knows what to expect. Sookie’s friends all know she’s psychic. Saves a lot of time.

The two episodes I’ve seen have been pretty enjoyable. I’m looking forward to seeing how they spell out all of the abilities and weaknesses of the vampires, the history of their going public, and so on. I’ll watch more!

True Blood

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