Crime!!! In Union Sq, Somerville

Wednesday night at 4:00 AM, J woke me up and said, “Someone’s ringing the doorbell.” I was so asleep, I didn’t know what a doorbell was. And when I finally understood what the doorbell was, I remember thinking “that’s strange, we don’t have a doorbell”.

The last couple times our doorbell has rung in the middle of the night, it’s been the cops letting us know we had parked somewhere we shouldn’t have and ‘here’s a $100 ticket.’ Anyway, this time the police were singing a different tune. They said our car had been broken into… I don’t know how to explain what that’s like, going from dead asleep, to wondering what a doorbell was, to thinking we didn’t have one, to hearing our car had been broken into.

I went downstairs to find a cruiser with its headlights pointed at our car and a cop who looked like he was in high school. Right as I got down there, the cop set the alarm off by unlocking the door from the inside and I had to run up to grab the keys I should have brought down originally. Fascinatingly enough, the alarm doesn’t go off when someone throws a double brick through your window, but unlocking the door from the inside is all hands on deck.

Apparently a neighbor (the neighbor, incidentally, whose handicapped spot we and several guests parked in over and over last year because it’s incredibly unwell marked) had heard someone trying to break into his car and woken up. He then saw them throw a brick though our side window and chased them down the street before calling the cops.

Whoever broke in stole the GPS out of the glove compartment. They must have been in a hurry, though, because they left the stand and when they ripped the chord out, half of it stayed in the cigarette lighter.

J called Commerce Insurance (two thumbs up!) in the morning and Giant Glass was there within 3 hours installing a new window. Commerce sent us a check yesterday for the GPS. All in all, not too bad, and obviously it could of been worse.

To the knuckleheads who stole the GPS: “Hey assholes, thanks for throwing a brick through my window. Have fun with the 3 year old GPS featuring outdated maps, no stand, and no charger. See how much you get for it. Idiots.”

Crime!!! In Union Sq, Somerville

0 thoughts on “Crime!!! In Union Sq, Somerville

  1. Rachel says:

    And have you been singing the “1-800-54GIANT” song nonstop since then?

    (Also, very sorry to hear about this misfortune. The car being broken into, not the earworm song. Well, that too.)


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