Aaron Sorkin’s Facebook Movie

By now, you’ve heard Aaron Sorkin is writing a movie about Facebook. In my mind, what happened is this: Aaron Sorkin signs up for Facebook and enters that euphoric phase where he’s connecting with all his old Sports Night friends and writing funny status messages, etc. And his reaction to this euphoric phase of Facebooking is, “Hey, I’ll write a movie.” Soon, he’ll be like, “Wait, I can’t really do anything with this, huh? And people keep comparing movie tastes with me. What’s up with that?” This probably won’t end so well. (Clearly, I said probably so that in case it does end well, I have an out.)

Aaron Sorkin’s Facebook Movie

0 thoughts on “Aaron Sorkin’s Facebook Movie

  1. kris says:

    Yeah, this is sort of like when he joined Television Without Pity, tried to be funny and cute, got pissed when posters didn’t think he was perfect and wrote the “Lemon Lyman” episode.

    He just doesn’t learn. The internet is his new cocaine.


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