So, I’m trying to make sure I don’t have any unnecessary expenses, and I’m looking over my credit card bill, and I decide that I no longer need my monthly Audible subscription. I hardly ever remember to download an audiobook each month, so that’s a waste of money, and even if I did, when would I listen to it? I don’t have an hour commute each way to work any more.

When you cancel your Audible subscription, it asks, “Why are you canceling?” I figure there’s no harm in honesty, so I select “I’m trying to cut down on expenses,” which is true. The site comes back with an offer: would I perhaps like to switch to a slightly cheaper plan that allows me to roll over credits from one month to the next? No thanks, I say, $14/month still seems like an unnecessary expense.

OK, says Audible, how about this really cheap plan, only $10/year which allows you to roll over up to 18 total credits?

Damn. Got me. Well done, Audible sales team!


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