One Hundred Pushups – One Week In

I don’t necessarily want to turn this into a blog about my journey to 100 push ups, so I’m going to try to keep the updates to a minimum. I’m still convinced it’s not possible in 6 weeks, for me at least. I am excited, though, by the challenge to complete 100 push ups, so I’m going to keep doing 5 sets of push ups every other day. For now, anyway. I was concerned about having to re-do a couple weeks, so even though I’m only one week in, I’ve completed W2D3 and W3D1. Tonight I’m going to give W3D2 a shot.
I’ve found that set 1 and set 2 are pretty easy, but the 60 second break just isn’t long enough after sets 3 and 4.
BM wonders,“Is this really a six week program?” He’s 6 weeks in and is working on completing week 3 right now. No updates on how my 28 co-workers are doing, though the folks I talk to seem to be plugging along. How’s it going for everybody else?
(First Update)

One Hundred Pushups – One Week In

0 thoughts on “One Hundred Pushups – One Week In

  1. Lisa E. says:

    Definitely not a six-week program. I’m up to week 5, but I did most of the weeks a couple of times, sometimes in different columns. Doing a week 3 times, once in each column, seems an entirely reasonable way to go.


  2. Lisa E. says:

    The 8 sets isn’t actually scary, at least in the first column, which is where I’m starting. The numbers are much smaller than before, so it’s like 2 minisets instead of 1 regular set.

    And as I said, I’ve been doing this for more than 5 weeks. And as I didn’t say, I’m not doing real pushups because I just can’t. I’m doing incline pushups against the back of a couch. So adjust your awe accordingly. 🙂


  3. Rachel says:

    This program is working well for me as a spectator. I expect to be able to count to 100 in time to Matt’s push ups within 6 weeks.


  4. I just finished week 5 and it was extremely grueling. I thought Week 5 day 1 was VERY hard. The sets were in the 20s and 30s. Week 5 days 2 and 3 were more manageable and stuck with the recommended rest period… but I had to take a looong break before my last blow out set. I’m due for another exhaustion test before starting week 6. I fear I may have to repeat week 5 if I can’t do enough in the test.


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