J Crew Painter’s Destroyed Oxford

Maybe I’m feeling the outrage that people felt when companies started selling ripped jeans, and I know J Crew isn’t the first company to sell new clothes that look old, but I still think a painter’s destroyed oxford is ridiculous. I was going to excerpt the description below, but it’s too good to cut up, contrast side-seam gussets and all. Also, monograms are available. I wonder if they did this hoping for a viral backlash that would send a torrent of angry web-traffic coursing though their store picking up socks, scarves, and belts as the case may be.

“A faded and frayed collector’s item with paint splatters, a repaired pocket and cuffs-it’s our vintage oxford taken to the next level. Dense two-ply cotton oxford with a shorter, hipper collar point. Aggressive stonewash with grinding for that “beat up,” worn-in vintage look. Tailored fit—a slimmer, more tailored cut with a made-to-measure feel. Button-down collar. Hand-nicking at collar, placket and cuffs. Standard placket. Chest pocket. Back yoke with box pleat. Contrast side-seam gussets. Narrow cuffs. Shirttail hem. Import.”

The New Style
The New Style
J Crew Painter’s Destroyed Oxford

0 thoughts on “J Crew Painter’s Destroyed Oxford

  1. Blume says:

    The paint splatters are ludicrous. But it’s the stonewashing and other kinds of ‘washing’ that make me really angry, because they make the clothing wear out so much faster.


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