One Hundred Push Ups

28 co-workers (more than a third of the employees) and I have endeavored to complete one hundred push ups in a row 6 weeks from now. I’ll let you know how it goes. If you’ve done this before, successfully or unsuccessfully, let me know in the comments how it went. I fear for my wrists and elbows which always seem to pop when I do push ups. Here goes nothing.

One Hundred Push Ups

0 thoughts on “One Hundred Push Ups

  1. JLD says:

    Have you heard the buzz about “Your site and your plan are awesome I feel better already, you’re awesome!” I hear it’s awesome.
    “Great idea. Great plan. Great site! Thanks!” The idea and the plan are admirable, but the site is so fantastic it gets the exclamation point.
    The buzziest buzz, of course, comes from this unnamed enthusiast: “I was inspired by your challenge and would like to take it.”


  2. ac says:

    Oh jeeze.
    We’re not associated with them at all, but I can see how it looks that way now. Don’t be mad that next time I’m in NC I’m going to do push ups with Scoot and Plum sitting on my back. Your wit is incisive and unappreciated.


  3. BM says:

    Good luck with the 100 pushups program. I have been doing this program for the last seven weeks and I am in the middle of 4th week. I believe the journey of getting to 100 pushups is more important than doing the actual pushups. If you stick with the program, I believe you will be pleasently surprised at the results


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