Boston Bikeshare?

Looks like Boston is taking baby steps towards joining Washington, DC,
Paris, Barcelona, etc, etc, etc in cities with a Bike Share program. The programs in Paris and Washington, DC are public/private partnerships that trade city-owned advertising space for bikes and administration of the program. In fact, the program in Paris looks like it will be a windfall for the corporate-side of the partnership, turning a profit within 2-3 years of investment. Cities should be careful not to give away the farm, apparently.

Yes, let’s do this. This sounds good.

(New York is also taking baby steps as well.)

Boston Bikeshare?

0 thoughts on “Boston Bikeshare?

  1. Blume says:

    “The program will not provide helmets but does encourage their use.”

    Eii! I’m guessing the European versions of these programs just assume that people will be riding bare-headed, given the relative unpopularity of helmets there. But I wonder how likely sometime users of bikes are to have bike helmets.


  2. ac says:

    Maybe not very likely, you’re right. But perhaps if someone decides to be a regular “sometime user” of bikes, they’ll pick one up for themselves? It wouldn’t be the worst idea to provide a free helmet on sign up?


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