0 thoughts on “Big Baby Davis

  1. bobbi flekman says:

    Try this: close your right eye, and use your hand to block out the dude in the background. The effect: Big Baby flying through space.


  2. Dear whoever,,,

    Can you give the best of my love to Rafetony for me? I’d sure appreciate it, since I cannot be able to speak to him in person/for real. I have tried for so long now, and I am almost ’bout 2 give up hope. He never gets my messages/never comments to me, so oh, well. Thank you!!!

    Kristen Bradley Lambert


  3. […] I have to admit I had a case of schadenfreude like most Kentucky fans (if you didn’t then you’re not a true fan) when the countless recruiting violations, faux pas and just downright idiotic words spoken by golden boy Layne Kiffin occurred in the last year and a half. Is there anything more disturbing or awkward than listening or even looking at this guy? Well, maybe this: http://www.unlikelywords.com/2008/06/30/big-baby-davis/ . […]


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