What to do with a Wet Laptop

Every burgeoning bike rider probably has a stuck in the rain story, below is mine:

The clouds looked ominous as I left work, but I hoped the weather would hold off for the 20-25 minutes it would take to get home. Unfortunately, about halfway home, as I started across the Mass Ave Bridge, I felt the first drops. Big, intermittent, falling from the sky with more urgency with each pedal. By the time I crossed the bridge, it was a full out sideways rain thunderstorm. My shoes filled with water. Dirty water from the street was spraying into my mouth from the tires. My glasses were quickly rendered opaque by the drops and when I looked over them to see, water laser beams shot into my eyes. It was an angry, confused shower, filled with all the bitterness of a scorned Mother Nature.
I wasn’t sure if I should stop (I should have) or keep going to meet the HVAC guy who was coming for a spring tune up (what a waste that was), and I wasn’t sure how much protection my backpack would provide to my laptop.
Of course it stopped raining a couple minutes after I got home, but by that time, I had already seen the angry, blinking lights of my soggy D430 and taken the battery out. I tried it one more time after the HVAC guy left (seriously, a waste of time and money. He hadn’t even brought a ladder to change the air filter, leaving it for me to do). And one more time a couple hours later before leaving it in an A shape on the table to dry. And then I waited. And waited. I’d say it was the longest 24 hours of my life, but that would be cheap hyperbole, wouldn’t it? Finally, I couldn’t wait anymore and put the battery back in and it worked no problem. It came right back from hibernation somehow and it seems to be fine.
For those of you looking here for instructions on what to do with a wet laptop to guarantee bringing it back to life… I don’t know. Shut the power off right away. I guess probably don’t leave it on standby on your way home to reduce the chance of it getting wet while it’s powered on, also. And then hope it works after it dries for as long as you can stand drying it. Hope and Luck. That’s what you need with a wet laptop, because I imagine I had as good a chance of getting a brick out of the whole experience.

What to do with a Wet Laptop

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