The Griffey Card

This post by Kottke brings back memories of collecting baseball cards as a kid. I remember when that Griffey card came out and the scramble to get it. “What was this UpperDeck?”, I remember thinking, “And what of this fancy glossy card and hologram.” I remember also scrambles for Gregg Jefferies and Ben MacDonald cards that first taught me the folly of calling someone a sure thing.

When I think back on how precious those cards were to me then and consider my current purchasing power relative to my 16-year-old self, I feel a giddy power in the realization that if I wanted to, I could go out right now and buy 10 or 20 Griffey cards. Gah, where’s that eBay login info?

But more than buying 10 or 20 Griffey (who hit #600 on Monday) cards, Kottke could go out and buy whatever ‘it’ card he wanted to. It’s a good example of shifting priorities.
And a bonus article by Michael Lewis in Vanity Fair about Cuban baseball. Worth the read.

The Griffey Card

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