In Which We Take A Brief Tour of Crazytown

Via the Poor Man, I truly hope that this comment is serious, and not a parody:

The claim that the melting of the ice caps will cause sea levels to rise which intern will flood large parts of the land mass; if this were true, then that would mean man has more power than God because God said he’d never flood the earth again.

I don’t know about you but I’m more apt to believe scripture than I am these socialist wacko’s who are trying to scare us in to submission.

Right? That’s gooooood crazy.

In Which We Take A Brief Tour of Crazytown

0 thoughts on “In Which We Take A Brief Tour of Crazytown

  1. You think that’s crazy, try this one from the comment thread at Charlie’s site:

    I don’t pretend to be knowledgeable enough about the science to state categorically one way or another that global warming does or does not exist. I do observe, however, that our planet does seem to have its own thermostat, a component of which is the system of volcanos around the world. Whenever one or another volcano blows its top, it sends however many cubic tons of ash into the atmosphere, which blocks sunlight. That cools the planet, right? They say that the melting of the polar ice cap increases the water level (and water is another cooling mechanism) although that seems to me to be just exchanging one mass – ice – for another mass – water. One would think these mechanisms would counteract any planetary warming. We just have to remember that geologic time is much different from our calendar time. How do we know how long a cooling/warming cycle takes?

    Volcanoes, by some mechanism, erupt to keep temperatures a nice and pleasant 74 F and even if ice melts, it still turns into water which will cool things down. You have to be stupid to the nth power to think up some of the things these people think up.


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