Candied Kumquats

Hmm. “Candied kumquats” sounds vaguely inappropriate.

Well, it’s not! I was in a bizarrely citrus-y mood at Whole Foods yesterday; perhaps I have a vitamin C deficiency I don’t know about? Whatever the reason, my shopping basket ended up looking like Carmen Miranda took a header into it. (Are Carmen Miranda fruit jokes deprecated yet?) I bought blood oranges, some kind of pink-fleshed orange called Caro Caro, Meyer lemons, and a pint of kumquats.

Elise from Simply Recipes posted a recipe for candied kumquats which turns out to be almost too easy: make a sugar syrup and cook some kumquats in it. The result? A Mason jar full of shiny, gooey, orange love. The kumquats taste like the best marmalade you ever had, and the syrup ain’t too shabby in a cup of tea.

Candied Kumquats Candied Kumquats

Candied Kumquats

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