Why Does a Senator Care About the NFL?

Arlen Specter wants to know more about the Patriots taping of sideline signals. He made noise about it the week before the Superbowl in a moved that could have been timed only to embarrass the NFL. He wants to hold hearings. IN THE SENATE. I’d explain all the times that his oversight could have come in useful in the past 7-9 years, but it wouldn’t be news to you anyway.

Do you suppose it could have anything to do with the fact that Specter’s #1 and #2 campaign donors are Comcast’s lobbying firm and Comcast? Comcast has been in a protracted battle with the NFL regarding their NFL Network. Maybe Specter thought he could stick up for his beloved Iggles while sticking it to the NFL in the process.
Thanks, again, for nothing, Arlen.

Why Does a Senator Care About the NFL?

0 thoughts on “Why Does a Senator Care About the NFL?

  1. I truly don’t understand how something like this — or even the MLB steroid scandal — belongs in the U.S. Congress. Congress is not a branch of law enforcement, or, you know, rule enforcement. Maybe they just think it’s something they can actually all agree on: cheating BAD!! And then they can pass a bipartisan resolution about it and use it in their campaign messaging.


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