Here’s a movie that’s been receiving pretty much universal acclaim, and boy-howdy, is it justified. You’ve got great performances by great actors as great characters in a movie that may even, depending on your interpretation, pass the Bechdel test.

Think it’s too clever and precious? That’s just because you have a heart of stone.


0 thoughts on “Juno

  1. Michael says:

    I agree. Very cute, in a weird sort of way. Surely to be the new Garden State/Napoleon Dynamite for the kiddies. I do wish Mr. Cera had more scenes.


  2. OK, there may have been a few too-clever-by-half lines. My biggest problem with the “Thundercats are go!” line is that it’s wrong. It appears to be some kind of portmanteau of “Thundercats, Ho!” and “Megathrusters are go!” (the latter of which is from, of course, Voltron).


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