End of the Year LINKS!

-Rolling Stone comes through with a long article about how America is losing the drug war and wasting money.
-Here is the The New York Times Magazine List of Ideas and the
The 2007 Esquire 100. I had grand schemes to read both of these all the way through so that I could comment more thoroughly, but alas.
-Huzzah!!! The Big Dig is finished! There’s a stat in there about how the average trip through Boston has gone from 19.5 minutes to 2.8 minutes. Which is true and beautiful.
Someone is killing musicians in Mexico. Probably the drug cartels.
-Two movie relate links from kottke.org. Ebert’s 10 Best Films of 2007 and a list of movies coming out in 2008. Ironman and Batman both look great!

End of the Year LINKS!

0 thoughts on “End of the Year LINKS!

  1. Is that stat about the reduction in time to drive through Boston really true? Is that during non-rush-hour, I assume? I wonder what the difference is during rush hour. In any case, even if it’s just pretty close to that, that’s really impressive.


  2. ac says:

    I know that when the Zakim bridge a couple years ago, my commute home went from 35 minutes to 15 instantaneously overnight. This was from to Somerville, 3 miles away. It still took a second to get to work in the morning, though, because there was no south bound way to use the tunnel like there is now.


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