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  1. leigh says:

    OK, I’ve consulted Wikipedia for some help in my statistics. In 1992, the government (FCC) relaxed radio ownership rules. Until 1992, a company could only own up to two stations per market. Clear Channel took advantage (as any good company might) of this relaxed policy. Within 3 years, they owned 43 radio stations and 16 TV stations. Then in 1996, something called the Telecommunications Act was passed, allowing companies to own/run even more stations. They expanded their ownership to 1200 (yes one thousand and two hundred) radio stations around the country. Thus destroying local radio. When they decide a song is bad, it is banned on 1200 radio stations. I do not know what % of radio stations and other entertainment (TV, etc) they own of total in the US. I also know that recently they have been selling some of their assets. There are other large companies also responsible for this problem – Infinity Broadcasting is another. What I do know is that ownership of so many radio stations around the country greatly contributed to a loss of regional individuality. In addition, they destroyed historically local progressive and passionate radio stations. There used to be a culture following radio personalities – as a kid, I knew every DJ on my local station – I knew what their favorite music was, when their shows were on – I listened religiously – I personally watched that radio station be eaten alive by large corporate takeover. In conclusion of this rant, I would have to blame the government for relaxing regulations, but the companies for being super-companies and good at business????? Ugh.


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