0 thoughts on “The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

  1. la west says:

    this is like the second time ever of me reading your blog (mostly to see if i will ever get a cameo aside from my own comments which clearly dont count) and i just read this post. number 1. “excellent” is so not what it was. beautiful, sometimes fun, sometimes moving – yes, but “excellent” no. in fact, hell no. number 2. life aquatic was the bomb diggity. honestly, it was pimp and then some. so much to love and such an adventure – set to another great soundtrack. i am not sure if we can be friends now that i know what you really think. a shout out would help the cause tho … ironic, that i guess i will have to keep checking back to see if i get one. also funny that if i do get one i will stop caring and thus stop reading. i am a bad friend. life aquatic was awesome tho and that’s all that really matters. well that and the shout out. after all, who am i kidding?


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