NBC’s New Fall Shows

So, this is cool. Our TiVo lets us download the pilots of three of NBC’s new series, even before they air. It’s a pretty clever idea on NBC’s part, assuming the idea is to get some buzz going for their new shows as early as possible. I’ve seen ’em, and here’s a miniature review of each:

Chuck: I thought it was cute. Highly entertaining, if gut-bustingly implausible: Chuck, a hapless loser, gets sent an email in which is encoded, subliminally, all of the combined secrets of the CIA and NSA. Presumably he’ll have a wacky adventure every week, watched over by his minders, Jayne from Firefly and Yvonne Strzechowski (or possibly “Strahovski”—NBC seems confused). The whole thing is just oh-so McG, with the exciting action, and the quick cuts, and the edgy camera angles, and oy oy oy. It also suffers from pilot-itis, in which we have to get beaten over the head with each character — we get it! Chuck is socially awkward but lovable! But Chuck’s sister is the same actress who played Gift Shop Girl on Scrubs, and her character is a doctor, so, that’s awesome. I’m guessing it was probably also not a mistake to include two entirely gratuitous shots of Ms. Strzechowski in her underwear. No sir. This show made it to a season pass, but we’ll see whether it gets old. [rate 3]

Bionic Woman: Bad. So bad. Jaw-droppingly bad. Can’t-believe-Katie-Sackhoff-is-in-this-crap bad. Terrible acting, ludicrous plotting, and Dawson’s Creek-level anvilicious dialogue. So bad, it’s almost like the network isn’t watching: the bionic woman’s character bio on the NBC website describes her as living in a “cramped apartment” which is bigger than my house. Even the bionic woman versus bionic woman fight scene was lame and confusing, which really aren’t the best adjectives to describe the climax of your pilot. The only possible positive outcome for this show is that it ends up being so bad it’s good. [rate 1]

(Salon is, by the way, so, so wrong.)

Journeyman: Didn’t I see this show when it was called “Quantum Leap”? Yeah, I think I did. [rate 2]

NBC’s New Fall Shows

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