Matt Clement?

It’s about to get a little arcane, so if you don’t care the slightest for rules governing playoff rosters, you might want to skip to the next post…

Newspapers have been reporting off and on all year about the progress of Matt Clement as he rehabilitates after shoulder surgery at the end of last season. His comeback has been advancing smoothly and he’s actually ahead of schedule, pitching in a simulated game this afternoon. But the chance of him pitching for the Sox again this year (and possibly ever again) is minuscule because of a technicality in the rule governing a team’s playoff rosters. Any player not on the 25 man active roster as of August 31st is not eligible to be made active for the playoff roster. Teams are granted an exemption for players on the DL on August 31st which allows them to interchange the “injured” player for a healthy one (Think Jacoby Ellsbury this year, and, well, Mike Greenwell in 1986). Matt Clement isn’t the only player on the DL at this point, but it’s very unlikely that Theo would sacrifice any possible roster flexibility for the playoffs in order to get Matt Clement a start unless he was certain Clement would be lights out.

Matt Clement?

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  1. ac says:

    I’d like to add that before posting this last night, I wrote to Amalie Benjamin and Gordon Edes at the Boston Globe and Seth Mnookin at the “Feeding the Monster Blog”.

    The result, a post from Benjamin tonight:

    And one from Mnookin this morning:

    That’s three appearances in less than a week on some of the bigger sports blogs out there. Unfortunately no link backs, though. I’m still learning.


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