Baseball music

This list of entrance music for baseball players shows me that 1) baseball players aren’t very original and 2) baseball players don’t have very good taste. I guess I shouldn’t judge.

I was going to go through and pick a couple to point out, but there’s too much ridiculousness going on. Needless to say, many pitchers consider themselves “The Jungle” and enjoy welcoming hitters to themselves.

Baseball music

0 thoughts on “Baseball music

  1. kris says:

    OK, let’s be clear. “Enter Sandman” is OWNED by Mariano. It’s his. Billy and the Mets are truly rip-off artists, I say! “Enter Sandman” was definitely Mo’s for years…and even if he is a bit shakier these days, it’s still his.


  2. I find the idea of theme music for ballplayers to be stupid, in general, but it does make for good inane blather by sportscasters. I remember a conversation in which Don and Jerry referred to Shea Hillenbrand as “strictly a Creed man,” and that is how I will always remember him now. (To the extent that I bother to remember him, I mean.)


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