0 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Epilogue

  1. Yay! Reading along over your shoulder was really cool. I am curious about the epilogue — your thoughts on it, that is — as people seem to be of very mixed opinion. I’m anticipating an overall book review once you’ve had a chance to digest.

    Rowling has been talking about stuff that didn’t make it into the epilogue and answering questions:

    And you might enjoy this parody:


  2. Candace says:

    Great job guys, this was so much fun to read and participate in. JK did a question/answer session and just about every fan site has it up. She answers a lot of questions from throughout the series.


  3. I rather enjoyed the epilogue. It may not be the best bit of writing ever to end a work of fiction, but it’s the wish-fulfilling cherry on top of the wish-fulfillment sundae.

    I’ll probably eventually post some overall thoughts about the book (and the series) but not until I’ve had a chance to re-read book 7.


  4. My first impression of the epilogue was that it was lame. Upon reflection, while I still think it was not overly well written and Rowling laid it on a little thick (“Albus Severus????”), I appreciated that Harry had fought for and won the thing he’d always wanted: family – a normal family. And isn’t that sort of what most of us want — to live our lives in peace with our friends and families? Dull and unexciting, but Harry never really went seeking all the adventure that was thrust upon him. I really think it was his happiest possible ending. And he deserved it!

    Thanks for the Leaky Cauldron link, Lisa, which I’d never seen. As confidently as Rowling answered all the questions, I still think there are some inconsistencies, but I’m willing to overlook them because overall I found the whole HP world so damn enjoyable.


  5. More thoughts: I think I would have preferred an epilogue that look place a week later (as opposed to 19 years) that gracefully hinted at the peace and love that our heroes would find together, that left us with confident hope that the world (and Hogwarts) was going to be rebuilt and repaired, and that the kids now had their whole lives ahead of them to enjoy. I would have preferred the rest to be left up entirely to our imaginations.


  6. bonny says:

    I’m very glad I happened upon your chapter by chapter DH thoughts, and more than a little jealous that I didn’t have someone to do this with. I’ve been an adult over-involved w/ the books ever since my local bookseller handed me a copy of HPSS in 1998. I concur w/ many of your HP-related musings, especially Michael Gambon’s atrocious parody of Dumbledore. I don’t think I can forgive Richard Harris for dying, and I’m not sure I can forgive JKR for killing Hedwig in such a horrible way. Thanks for an enjoyable morning reading your unlikely words.


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