Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Chapter 14

It’s a beautiful day… maybe we should go outside?

Chapter 14: The Thief

Well, that could have been worse. Ron lost a hunk of arm, and Grimmauld Place has been compromised, but at least the trio made their escape. Hermione continues to kick ass, finding a place to hide, packing a tent, fixing Ron’s arm, and setting up the protective charms. She’s good.

We don’t learn much new in this chapter. Ron’s acting a little strange, insisting, out of “respect,” that Harry and Hermione stop saying “Voldemort.” Is he just twitchy? Or could there be something else going on? (Man, I’m just suspecting everyone, aren’t I?)

Of course, we also get Harry’s vision of Voldemort’s interrogation and murder of Gregorovitch. (Wow, when this is over, will there be anyone left to make wands?) We learn that Voldemort is looking for something, that Gregorovitch used to have it, and that it was stolen. Based on the picture Harry saw in the book in Umbridge’s office, I’m pretty confident that the thief is Aberforth Dumbledore. So, the mystery is: what did he steal?

No spoilers for later chapters in the comments! We gotta go to a wedding.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Chapter 14

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