24 Season 6. Episode 20, 1 AM – 2 AM

Look, it’s not just me that thinks “24” sucks tons. Even the writers know.

1:00: We’ve got, what, 4-5 hours of Jack Bauer and Doyle chasing after the Chinese? Remember several, several weeks ago when I mentioned that the nukes weren’t going to be the penultimate climax. It took a little longer than I figured, but I was proven correct.
-Can we discuss the reality that exists in “24” where the threat of China securing a Russian defensive component seems to create the same amount of tension as the idea of terrorists running around with FIVE nuclear bombs
1:06: Noah values Karen and appreciates her sacrifice. And the writers are making him seem like a good guy now.
-Oh, Jesus Christ, the VP’s Anne Coulterish aide is a sex freak? Her boyfriend didn’t seem like a foreign agent, but is he a domestic baddie?
-I think I mentioned this a couple weeks ago, but did the Russians not care about the component for the last 16 hours? All of a sudden, they’re very serious about retrieving it.
-The VP has a point about the Russian general sneaking the bomb into the US and trying to detonate them. The Chinese wouldn’t have gotten the component if that hadn’t happened.
-You have to think the VP does not enjoy getting hung up on by the Russian President.
-Selective Satellite. That’s what I call it when in the course of a few hours C.T.U. is able to track random vehicles driving away from malls, but then lack the ability to track Hummers driving away from a location that desperately needed surveillance.
-The Chinese just downloaded the schematics to a computer IN the US… This type of plot hole gives me migraines. Wouldn’t it have been just as easy to download the schematics of the chip to a computer in China?
-“Without it, this technology is useless to us!” This is dumb. The chip is damaged and thus not usable.
1:17: I forget her name, but where’d she get the robe?
-Oh, I guess her boyfriend is a bad guy.
-Dr. Bradley, eh, I wonder what his story is.
1:23: Arms, feet, and groin? What kind of injections are injected into her groin?
-Jack Bauer went though the same treatment? Maybe that’s why he’s so disgruntled, because he got injections into his groins.
1:30: This VP is a weak, weak, weak man. Really. He could have any blonde he wanted.
-Tom Lennox should work for C.T.U. He figured out the leak in about 10 minutes. That’s yeoman work!
-Noah, you’ve got to do the right thing. Please.
-“Then we’ve got a bigger problem than you think, Tom.” “Why’s that, sir?” “Because I’m sleeping with her, too.” I’m laughing uncontrollably right now. I don’t ever laugh out loud like this. That was amazing and excellent and wonderful. I think that scene redeemed between 3 and 7 episodes of “24” shitiness. That made it all worth it.
1:34: JBKC: 28 and 29 (Doyle and the other guard).
1:35 JBKC: 30 and 31 (Dr. Bradley)
-Remember that JBKCs are Jack Bauer Knockdown Counts. I determined very early in the first hour of the last season that I wouldn’t be able to count easily whether Jack Bauer had killed someone, wounded them, or merely knocked them out. Therefore, anyone that Jack Bauer knocks down, I count.
-Damn, Nadia, you’re just going to let Milo talk to you like that?
1:41: Tom Lennox and Noah
-Hasn’t Jack Bauer hidden in C.T.U. before?
-You guys didn’t know this, but Jack Bauer majored in Psychology as an undergrad. He also played midget football.
-“I love you with all my heart.” That was a little melodramatic, wasn’t it?
-Doyle forced Nadia to grow some balls, and everyone wins!
1:52: Tom Lennox and Noah are clever like foxes. Lisa Miller is clearly no match.
-I think this is a tactical error. Noah and Tom Lennox should have gotten Mark Bishop bad information through Lisa Miller.
-Lisa just learned that Hell hath no fury like a man scorned.
-One possibility is that Lisa tries to tell Mark a lie and he recognizes it as such and everything backfires.
1:56: Secretary Heller is still a douche bag.

24 Season 6. Episode 20, 1 AM – 2 AM

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