In Cambridge?!?!

This is a story about a monologuist’s performance being interrupted when 87 students of a Christian choir, along with their parents and teachers walked out in protest, one of them dumping water on the performer’s notes on his way out.

There’s a video of it, which is insane to watch. And I can’t believe it all happened in Cambridge, MA!

None of the posts that I saw about this mentioned the fact that the show is now probably better off than it was yesterday, if only the fact that those 87 folks bought about $3,306 worth of tickets and generated tons of publicity for the show. I only hope the performer isn’t scarred…

In other news: Fuck, fuck, fuck. Hopefully that’s enough to get some Christian choirs to protest this site. I bet you sing like shit, too.

In Cambridge?!?!

0 thoughts on “In Cambridge?!?!

  1. I don’t fault them for walking out, though I do wonder what they thought they were going to see. The water “attack” seems a little ridiculous, though.

    As for the Christian choirs, I think you’re going to have to do more to attract them before you can drive them away and incite their protests. Maybe some YouTube videos of you singing something pious and holy?


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