Unlikely Words’ Third Linky Post

I used Send Tab and ScribeFire to make this post. I’m relatively happy with both of them. (UPDATED TO ADD: Sorry, scratch that, ScribeFire is not ready for primetime and has been summarily uninstalled)

* I’m going to give up trying not to post youtube videos. Here are three. Sneezing pandas, leprechauns, and hardcore turtles. Which is your favorite?

* Veterans issues have kind of taken a back seat with the Admin’s latest scandal. Maybe it’s because the military has muzzled the troops at Walter Reed. You can keep up to date here.

* When I drive Jessie’s Prius, I try to get as many MPG as possible. This guy is much better at it.

* Probably a bad idea, but why not try making your ownlaundry detergent.

* The latest in what’s become a recurring theme of long, interesting looking articles that I didn’t read. Lot’s of people were talking about this a couple weeks back.

* Keith Olbermann could be changing TV. I always forget to watch him, though.

* This means way more to me than it does to you. Three eggs, grits, and toast.

* Excel Keystrokes.

* Cheaters never win. But they do write books.

* You are what you think you are, what others think you are, and what you think others think you are.

* Parts 4 and 5 of an American in a Japanese prison.

* Crossing the border is hard when the border patrol thinks you have porn and doesn’t know how to look for it on your computer.

* These folks are wiping their butts with a bowl of water for a year. What are you doing to save the Earth? Does it matter if they’re doing it to write a book?

* Houses cheaper than cars? What kind of house can I get for a used Jetta?

* Damn, you, Kottke. So addictive.

Unlikely Words’ Third Linky Post

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