24 Season 6. Episode 15, 8 PM – 9 PM

8:00: I’m on the phone. This is going to be too tough…
-OK, what’d I miss? Nothing. The show still sucks.
-The Russians and the Arabs are not getting along, they need to hug it out.
-Mark’s in trouble with Gredanko and has an Autistic brother named Brady.
-Oh, heh. His Autistic brother is a computer hacker savant.
8:07: Chloe is using the NSA’s wireless warrantless wiretaps.
8:08: Ricky Schroeder needs to stay behind? How come? You know he’s going to do the right thing with that computer chip, right?
-Wait, when has Ricky Schroeder ever had to stay behind when a tac. team what needed? Never. He’s always gone after the action.
8:14: Oh, yeah, I forgot about this plotline. Wake him up! Wake him up!
-So the VP is going to lean on the doctor now… What can he say?
-Yes. This doctor is the first good character on “24” in several years. Maybe ever.
8:21: Is the brother going to freak?
-JBKC 17 (Mark)
-Why’d they shoot him?
-Wait, why’d they shoot him?
-Jack Bauer, the hoarse whisperer, apparently, this works on women, children, and Autistic adults.
-This computer hacker savant is kind of funny when he talks about firewalls.
-Jono says Jack Bauer needs some rubber bullets. I agree.
8:28: What happens if Mark dies because his artery got all shot up? What’s Brady going to do then? What’s Jack Bauer going to do?
8:31: Brady is a terrible actor, unfortunately.
8:32: Johnson is double crossing Doyle?
-Let me see if I can recap this without losing you… Johnson gave Doyle evidence that cleared Nadia. The writers hid the fact that Doyle gave the evidence to Morris to check out. Johnson tells Milo that Doyle has the evidence. Milo flips on Doyle. Morris comes running to tell Buchannon and Milo that Doyle gave him the evidence already. At first it seemed like Morris was just covering for Doyle and hadn’t actually done anything. Then, when it was all over, Johnson grinned like a fool. Are we supposed to think Johnson is bad? Are we also supposed to think that Nadia really is bad and that Johnson used that chip to clear Nadia? Doesn’t that imply that the terrorists would have been able to predict that Johnson would be loaned from Denver? How do they know this stuff? Ugh.
8:38: Buchannon would leave and take legal action? That’s what he just told Nadia. But hasn’t Buchannon been falsely accused in the last couple years? At least once?
-In all that time, did no one but Chloe realize Nadia was using Milo’s log in, etc? This didn’t come up?
-Now I’m laughing out loud. Nadia didn’t want to succumb, but Milo’s just so passionate. She needs to cry. She doesn’t need to kiss. She needs to cry!
-Permanent brain damage if they continue down the path.
-Uh, oh. Wayne is CRASHING!
-Why do they need to get Gredanko out of the car? Can’t they shoot the engine block?
-Oh now they have tranquilizer darts? Over the course of however many seasons, they’ve unfortunately or accidentally shot so many peeps. Now we have tranquilizer darts? Couldn’t they have shot Mark with a tranquilizer.
-Jack Bauer needs to tell Brady not to respond anymore. He shouldn’t ask him questions, that’s just teasing him.
8:53: Jack Bauer wants to look after Brady from now on.
-Jack Bauer is angry that Gredanko made him use Brady like that. I think Jack Bauer is going to take out that anger on Gredanko unless Gredanko cooperates.
-At what point are the writers of this show going to avoid the plot line of the bad guy willing to cooperate in exchange for immunity.
-Yes! President Palmer averted disaster. I wasn’t sure how they were going to do that.
-“I’m resuming my duties as Commander in Chief!” The sheriff’s back in town.
-At what point are the writers of this show going to avoid the plot line of the bad VP using the AG to go around the back of the President and saying the President isn’t capable of serving

24 Season 6. Episode 15, 8 PM – 9 PM

0 thoughts on “24 Season 6. Episode 15, 8 PM – 9 PM

  1. Josh says:

    Seriously! This is all very season 2 when Mike Novak and the VP thwarted David Palmer’s power in order to….YUP, YOU GUESSED IT…INVADE A MIDDLE-EASTERN COUNTRY BECAUSE THEY TRIED TO DETONATE A NUCLEAR BOMB IN THE U.S.!!!
    This VP is much more evil than season 2’s VP…

    Wasn’t everyone yelling at the TV for Wayne to fire Daniels when they were talking on the phone? What a idiot.

    I’ve watch years of ER and as a medical expert, i know that no one just jumps from crashing and increased brain swelling to being able to call nuclear subs from their cell phone in just 10 minutes.

    In the end, i enjoyed this episode. Dr. was good…the savant was humorous…wayne saved the day and tom lennox spoke truth to power instead of being a bitch. Jack being able to torture Gredenko would have been icing on the cake!

    No one seems to care or talk about Charles Logan dying.


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