24 Season 6. Episode 13, 6 PM – 7 PM

6:00: I like the ex-President walking around C.T.U. like it’s no big deal. That happens all the time. Nothing to see here.
-Logan still wants to be treated like a President even though he’s an ex-President, under house arrest.
-Ricky Schroeder!
-Uh, oh. Milo and Ricky have history.
– Cool move, Jack Bauer.
-JBKC: 11 (Vasily, in the basement, it’s been a while.)
-Jono makes a good point: Don’t those Russians speak Russian, they’re all talking to each other in English.
6:08: Hmmm, Martha Logan back in the show, too. Cool (sarcastic). She’s crazy and she’s what this episode revolves around.
6:10: Ricky Schoreder is a freaking prick. A giant freaking prick.
-Maybe he’s the bad guy?
-I hate this VP, too.
-I don’t think I’m in the right frame of mind to watch this ridiculous fucking bullshit right now.
-It’s cool that they got LBJ without the charm to play the VP.
-I think that blonde woman is the VP’s chief of staff. I wonder if she’s pissed that Tom Lennox is going to still be the chief of staff of the President(that is until the moral turpitude becomes too much).
6:20: The VP doesn’t want to go into the Russian consulate because he doesn’t want any proof that the Arabs weren’t the bombers.
6:22: Look, it’s Aaron! He must be psyched to live with a crazy person!
-It’s funny because she seems crazy, but just because we know she’s crazy, not because she’s doing anything crazy.
-Charles, Aaron no longer has to tolerate your sarcasm.
-Martha, we all know you’re crazy, but we need you.
-“Let me get this straight. They’re desperate so they’re coming to you, and you’re desperate so you’re coming to me.”
6:31: Shavers the helicopter pilot is funny.
-Jack Bauer is the stopper of office romance… That was awesome.
6:33: It’s got to be hard not to shake someone’s hand when they stick it out there like that. Aaron is cold blooded.
-Martha put her glamour on for Charles. Don’t flatter her, Charles, this is about the country, not “us”.
-Jesus, I don’t want to deal with any of Martha’s crazy hysterics. This show is terrible.
-I don’t remember Martha being an alcoholic, just bat shit crazy.
6:42: I can’t remember what’s wrong with Jack Bauer. Did he get drugged or something?
-I hope Tom Lennox doesn’t do this.
-Oh, man. This VP is so smarmy. I hate him. “I say it is, and I’m willing to bet you it is.”
-“These threats are reckless.” You’re damn right they are. What’s the point of threatening that ambassador if they all know there’s nothing his country can do.”
-I wish Martha and Charles hadn’t been reintroduced this year. We could have done so well without them. I’m serious.
-Martha’s going to hurt herself and not be able to do the call. She’s way more crazy than last year. They keep focusing on that knife.
6:47: People always hate when the people they’re used to fighting with won’t give them the satisfaction of a fight. That’s what’s really bugging Martha.
-Oh, great, Martha just killed Charles.
-They kept focusing on the knife, you knew it was going to happen.
-If the ex-President is under a secret agreement house arrest, how does this get announced to the press. And is the country ready to lose 2 Presidents in one day? “24” is nuts.
6:53: She’s seemed to calm down a lot just now.
-Is the same Russian President as last year, I can’t remember?
-Yes, the Russian Consulate is disobeying the Russian President! This gives grounds for the US to attack.
-“The United States of America has the support of the Russian State.” That was a YES! Moment for me. I loved that.
-JBKC 12 and 13 (Russian Soldiers?!)
-It seems strange the Russian President would allow all the guards to get killed like that, but maybe that’s how they do things in Russia. Couldn’t he have called someone else and told them what was at stake?
-Did Jack Bauer break a rib when he fell down the stairs? That’s the only thing I can think of.
-Why didn’t they take ex-President Logan to the hospital by helicopter? That seems like the logical thing to do considering, well, they had a helicopter right there and he’s an ex-President!

24 Season 6. Episode 13, 6 PM – 7 PM

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