24 Season 6. Episode 11, 4 PM – 5 PM

4:00: Doesn’t Charles Logan know how busy Jack Bauer is? Come alone? Forget it.
-I’m not sure how the President is going to avoid assassination.
-“Boys, boys!” Please stop fighting. You hate when the former terrorist and the Arab ambassador are getting into a catfight.
-I don’t think the President gets involved in petty threatening of ambassadors from unspecified Arab nations. He’s got deputies for that. Like Tom Lennox.
-I kind of hope that this is the last we see of Josh and Marilyn.
-Josh and Jack Bauer are going to go fishing when this is all over.
-“He reminds me of you.” That was the most wooden face touch in the history of TV.
-That hit man is a policy analyst and a hit man? A true renaissance man.
-Here’s what I don’t get: If Lennox had brought this threat to the attention of someone sooner, he could have still done all of his investigating AND someone would have been looking for him at this point. They would have looked in the steam closet and foiled the plot to kill the President.
-They won’t be able to make it look like a suicide if he’s got tape particles all over his mouth and wrists, but they can try!
-Chad Lowe has already started the rationalizing. “Killing the President is for the good of the country. Killing Tom Lennox only serves our purposes.” He’s such a ninny.
4:16: Kate and I don’t think Chad Lowe is any good at lying. Jessie would agree with us, but she’s heating up brownies.
4:19: “AA Sponsor”. It’s usually a friend, right? A friend with a name, right? They couldn’t come up with a name for the sponsor?
4:20: I think they’ve been updating the times a lot more frequently today.
-Jack Bauer got to wherever Charles Logan was in about 8 minutes.
-Charles Logan still gets regular intelligence updates? Isn’t he under house arrest? This isn’t a courtesy they’d suspend?
-Charles Logan is now a man of faith. “Don’t make the wrong call, Jack [Bauer].”
-We all know how much Jack Bauer loves going through back channels.
4:28: “Logan was behind the assassination of my brother.” Drama. Drama.
-Redemption. Drama.
-Aside from the fact that Jack Bauer is the most gullible person in the world, is there any reason we shouldn’t believe Logan?
-“I will commit the resources to hunt you down.” I’m fairly certain it would be impossible for an ex-president to escape and then remain in hiding for his entire life. Why would you even bother if you were staying at a retreat in Hidden Valley?
4:31: Is Morris’ apology right now one of the steps in AA?
-Come on, Morris, don’t let us down.
– I think Chad Lowe is what they call a simp. Or maybe a namby-pamby.
4:41: The ex-President’s lapel pin collection is funny. Franklin Mint should sell one.
-45 minutes? Jack Bauer’s going to be out of the spotlight for the next 45 minutes? This is like on a sitcom when someone gets pregnant and the character gets decentralized for a couple weeks and all their scenes are behind tables or sitting in billowy clothing.
-Morris’ sponsor is so bubbly. His sponsor left the program? What a terrible sponsor.
-We all think this a really annoying subplot.
4:44: Morris was taking a crap and Chloe thought he was taking a drink.
-Hopefully this will be the end of it.
-Except we all know Chloe is going to be right and that Morris was drinking.
-And there’s the whiskey. This is too easy.
-So he was drinking, but now he’s not? We’ll see. But I’m bitter the subplot isn’t over.
-Reed is still in love with Lennox, eh?
-That’s right, Lennox, you were against Reed from the start.
-It took 35 minutes to make that bomb? Why? It was just injecting a chemical into a tape player or something.
4:53: Chad Lowe is going through all the usual personal conflicts, consternation, personal pain that you get when you’re about to kill a President.
-Jessie and Kate are really impressed that Tom Lennox is reaching for the steam valve with his feet right now. They’re cheering him on. He’s only been taped up for about 75 minutes. Couldn’t make any extra effort before the bomb was armed?
-Whatever happens, Reed Pollack just attempted to kill the President.
-Did Assad just save the President?

OK, so let’s review? The President got exploded and NOTHING else happened. Glad I watched. I’m loath to say this, but the show is really terrible when they decide to go away from Jack Bauer for wide swaths of time. Next week might not be much better, either.

24 Season 6. Episode 11, 4 PM – 5 PM

0 thoughts on “24 Season 6. Episode 11, 4 PM – 5 PM

  1. Jono says:

    The ol’ leaky chemical bomb under the podium trick. Oy. I mean c’mon. And how many helicopters do you think CTU has at it’s disposal? I agree and I thought this week was pretty blah, but I want to see where this whole Logan thing goes.

    Also, where’s Jack’s daddy?


  2. karmen says:

    I hate when TV shows have someone shitting and then someone else barges in on them and the aforementioned shitter just pulls his/her pants up and walks out. OK, I know it’s “just tv” but still. And I know that saving the world might be more important than wiping but STILL.

    Yes, this week was lame. And I’m tired of Morris and even Chloe. I might fold my socks next week instead of watching.


  3. kate says:

    In honor of having my name mentioned, I will leave my first comment. I can’t believe that Aaron neglected to catalog my exhortations to Wayne Palmer to stop mumbling (seriously — he is a low talker) and my episode-long encouragement of Tom Lennox, in the form of utterly quotable bons mots such as “Come on, Ally McBeal guy, pull a Jack!” Also, I apologize, Aaron, that I appear to have misled you re: Morris’ cell phone. The entry in Morris’ cell phone DID have a name (Jeannie T) — as well as a blowing-the-whole-anonymous-part-of-the-deal “AA sponsor” label, which was what I was reacting to.


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